Chapter 83: A Pathetic Prince

In order to freely participate in the “Outside” world, Yuki must square with his past trauma.

But first, student council shenanigans!

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Chapter 82: Someone to Love

Rin has a very unique relationship with Tohru. I mentioned before that she seriously needs someone to look after her, but Rin is one of the few people to recognize that Tohru needs her share of love and attention, too, even if she never asks for it.

But first, Tohru made a bunch of gelatin, prompting this conversation.FB 82-1

Kyo: Have you been visiting Rin at the hospital? Is that it?

Tohru: Ah. Yes…how did you know?

Kyo: Lucky guess.

Tohru: For some reason, you’ve been spot on at guessing things about me lately, Kyo-kun.

Kyo: It’s probably just that you’re an open book, right?

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