Chapter 13: A Battle between Men

If the first two volumes were mainly about the developing bonds of trust among our main trio (Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru), then the next few volumes are focused on watching the relationships between Tohru and each of the boys grow and change in different ways.  Also meeting all the members of the Zodiac.

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Hatsuharu Sohma is a person overflowing with contradictions (and a member of the Zodiac).

Tohru: I find myself running into members of the Sohma family with astonishing regularity…

Anyhow, this chapter is really light on plot and character development, but there are some small notable interactions.

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Tohru: Actually, my wish for this year was for them to get along. […] God, I’m not seeing any results.

The main event in this chapter is a marathon at school which Kyo is determined to turn into a competition with Yuki, despite Yuki having a cold the day before (and Tohru being very concerned about it).

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This is one of Saki’s infamous wave attacks, exacting revenge on one of the Yuki fangirls who bullies Tohru. She’s not to be underestimated, and not nearly as forgiving as Tohru (also kinda lazy).

And then Haru derails the competition because he wants a fight with Kyo.

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Haru: That was a very dangerous prank. Anyone but Kyo would have suffered serious injuries, so absolutely do not try this at home.

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Kyo: Wait a sec! I’m bleeding out here and nobody cares!?

This actually the second time this chapter where Kyo is (comically) hurt and Tohru rushes to his aid. Of course she shows concern for Yuki, too, but Shigure is around to take care of him at that point.  There’s always someone around to look after Yuki, but Tohru is the only one who really cares about Kyo.

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Yuki: He’s awakened “Black Haru”. Usually Haru has his head in the clouds, but once he loses his temper, he’s uncontrollable. The family calls it “Black Haru”.

Tohru: Um, then he’s the same type as Kagura-san?

Yuki: No, he’s creepier than Kagura.

Haru: Don’t just stand idly by, Yuki, you’re finally going to be mine today.

Kyo still isn’t really getting into the fight, though – until Black Haru starts threatening Tohru.

Kyo: Every time he goes black his cuteness goes out the window! Who the hell riled him up? Oh yeah, it was me. But what’d he mean by “a little of this and a little of that”…? No idea, but why bother taking her away!? She’s got nothing to do with this! That’s right, absolutely nothing! Women ain’t got nothing to do with a battle between men! Nothing, but for some reason I’m really pissed off!

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Chapter 11: Home for the Holidays

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I get the feeling that Tohru Honda marches to the beat of her own drum. She had no problem accepting that we change into animals. And even though she’s been through a lot more hardships than most high school girls, she’s always smiling, as if none of it weighs her down. We’ve been living together for four months now, but there’s still part of her that I can’t grasp yet.

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