Chapter 6: A Rice Ball in a Fruits Basket

As Tohru says goodbye to the Sohmas, she remembers a little game she once played in school: Fruits Basket. She was dubbed the “rice ball”, when you were supposed to have the name of a fruit.

Tohru: The “fun game” played out right in front of me, and I waited for Rice Ball to be called. I waited and waited…that’s right. Ever since I was little, I’ve never given things enough thought. After all, a rice ball could never be part of a fruits basket. Read more


My Top 5 Princess Tutu Episodes

So I was recently rewatching Princess Tutu (again), and I finally came up with five episodes I’m content to declare as favorites (which is way harder than it was with Fruits Basket due to the far more consistent quality). These aren’t necessarily the “best” (they’re not even always the ones I most enjoy, as that often fluctuates with my mood), but I certainly enjoy them a lot every time I watch them. Read more

Chapter 4: Kindled Kindness

I love this story for many reasons, and one of the biggest is its true to life characters.  Their issues are amplified, of course, but at their core, they have very relatable problems.  I’ve yet to find another character that resonates with my time in school quite like Yuki Sohma.

FB 4-1

Yuki-kun, you’re a nice guy, but there’s some part of you that rejects other people.

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