Chapter 110: How People Get Hurt

As Kyo and Tohru continue to be adorably and frustratingly dense, Yuki abandons that awkwardness only to be drawn into Ayame’s special brand of awkward.

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Chapter 109: Children Always Understand

It was the anniversary of Kyoko Honda’s death. When I told her I couldn’t go with her to visit the grave this time, she simply answered, “Okay,” and smiled at me. How many more times wil I be pardoned by that smile?

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Chapter 106: Not A Burden

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I woke up in the hospital. What a horrible dream. I thought I was in there…the Cat’s room. A room so quiet it felt like it was at the world’s end. Was it a dream? Did I dream I was there? Or am I dreaming that I’m here now? I don’t know. I want to go home. I have to go home. Let’s go home. But where is home? Not here. Somewhere… Read more