Rin has a very unique relationship with Tohru. I mentioned before that she seriously needs someone to look after her, but Rin is one of the few people to recognize that Tohru needs her share of love and attention, too, even if she never asks for it.

But first, Tohru made a bunch of gelatin, prompting this conversation.FB 82-1

Kyo: Have you been visiting Rin at the hospital? Is that it?

Tohru: Ah. Yes…how did you know?

Kyo: Lucky guess.

Tohru: For some reason, you’ve been spot on at guessing things about me lately, Kyo-kun.

Kyo: It’s probably just that you’re an open book, right?

Those two are just too adorable.

Apparently, gelatin is one of the few types of food Rin doesn’t hate (which makes sense for someone with a sensitive stomach).

She was suffering as she clung to me. She was in so much pain, and all I could do was hold on. Even so, there must be something I can do. […] I’m sure she’s been burdened with these troubles for a long time. Enduring them alone, suffering the pain all alone.

Tohru doesn’t have a clue about Haru, but I think that even when Rin was with him, Haru was just something to ease the pain or distract from it, not really help with it.

FB 82-2

I must concur with Tohru: Rin looks adorable with her hair like that. But she hasn’t forgotten what Tohru said about breaking the curse, so they cut to the chase.

Rin is the first Zodiac member that Tohru actually discusses the curse with.  Part of it is due simply to Rin’s bluntness, and partly thanks to their common purpose.

FB 82-3

Tohru: Akito-san told me…he said he’s like a god to the Members of the Zodiac, that everyone will live with him. Everyone living in the same place, at the same pace. He said, “Nothing will ever change.” Is that what the curse is to the Members of the Zodiac? Is that “bond” the curse?

Rin: It’s not as if I have any memory of it, but God and the spirits of the Zodiac made a promise. It was a long, long time ago. Hundreds of years or more. To be together, for eternity. No matter how many times they were reborn, the spirits would go to God’s side and never leave. They would meet, and stay forever. Together…forever. We’re bound by that promise even now. Even if we don’t remember it, the blood of the Zodiac spirits remembers. From the outside, a “bond” may sound romantic, but if it feels like a burden to those involved, then it’s only a manacle. That’s why it’s a “curse”.

It’s because the bond holds them back when they want to join a wider world that they call it a “curse”.  That’s the story of every Member of the Zodiac – either they’re rejected by the people they love because of what they are, or Akito simply enforces barriers between them and the outside world and they’re forced to go along with it.

Then they actually start talking about a way to possibly break the curse, and when Tohru mentions Kureno, Rin immediately shoots her down.

Rin: Don’t bother. He does whatever Akito says, so he wouldn’t be any help. He’s shady to begin with. He hardly even counts as one of us Zodiac members.

Tohru: […] I…I will go ask Kureno-san! I’ll ask him if he knows a way –

Rin decides the best way to defuse the situation is to trip Tohru, but at least she manages to talk a little sense into her (even if Tohru really might be on to something).

Rin: How do you not break if you’re like this all the time…? […] Why do you want to break the curse? What is it that you refuse to give up? The one thing most precious to you. What is it?

FB 82-4

Tohru is strangely speechless at this…

Rin: Don’t throw caution to the wind and do something like visiting Kureno on your own…

Tohru: Deal! As long as you promise not to push yourself too hard as well, Isuzu-san. This is the beginning of a wonderful partnership!

Once again, I must concur with Tohru. They can both benefit from a little accountability, whether in curse-breaking or in slightly more ordinary affairs.

The one thing most precious to you. What is it?

Tohru: Why couldn’t I say anything? It’s a question I would’ve been able to answer right away up until now.

FB 82-5

She dreams of her mother for the first time in a long time (I think since Chapter 1).

FB 82-6

Rin: She doesn’t let anyone see it, but on the other side of that door, I somehow get the feeling that she’s quietly falling apart. If that happens, no one will be able to get her back. I hope someone who’ll care about her, like Haru does for me, will appear before her and gently open that door. People like her need someone like that. People who know how scary it is to be alone need to have someone to love.

FB 82-7

Until next time…

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