Since Kyo and Tohru’s issues are about as worked out as they’re going to get on the class trip, Yuki takes the lead for some more light hearted antics (with Manabe).

FB 77-1

Manabe: Yun-yun, are you sleeping? Hello? As expected, Yun-yun – I’m sure you were raised as a spoiled rich girl…Ow! That hurts! That hurts! I’m sorry, wrong word! “Spoiled rich kid”! I meant to say “Spoiled rich kid”!

You know, it is nice to have a character I can watch getting beat up without significant remorse (watching Kyo get beat up inevitably gives me conflicted feels, at best).

Saki: About that vice president…I have the persistent feeling that I’ve met him before. Ever since I saw him on stage introducing himself, I’ve had the feeling that we’ve met somewhere, a long time ago…and you were there too, Tohru-kun…

Since nobody can remember anything specific, this mostly just serves to wind up Tohru (and foreshadow, because of course Hana-chan’s sixth sense is never wrong).

Anyhow, Yuki notices Tohru carrying around a little package.

Tohru: A souvenir for myself. I made a mad dash to buy it at the last minute. Now I just need to buy some papier-mache, and I’ll be one step away from completion! Have you thought about something you want to buy for yourself, Yuki-kun?

Yuki: For me? I want…hmm…if I can make lasting memories, those would be the best souvenirs, or something like that.

Tohru: You do have them. I’m sure you do. Faintly glowing…your souvenirs are inside you, Yuki-kun.

FB 77-2

I generally take Yuki’s mindset about souvenirs – they’re always way overpriced, anyway.

Thank you. You may have already picked up on this, you may have already noticed my resignation and cowardice, but you…you, the one who keeps smiling at me quietly, you’re so dear to me, even now.

There’s definitely a sense of sadness and distance in Yuki’s feelings for Tohru, and it seems to trace back to his little chat with Akito…

Manabe comes around to lighten the mood a bit, but Saki’s comment made Yuki suspicious.

Manabe: Yun-yun, are you in the same group as Honda-san?

Yuki: Why are you so curious about her? It’s like you’re unusually interested in Honda-san. Is it because of my relationship with her? Or maybe…did you have some sort of relationship with her? Have you ever met Honda-san?

Manabe: What if I just said it’s cause I have a crush on her?

FB 77-3

Sorry, that’s not the sort of thing you’d be coy about, Nabe.

Yuki: You’re free to like whomever you please. And she’s free to respond however she wants. I don’t have the right to interfere. But if you were to approach her just out of curiosity or for laughs, then I would get involved. If you ever hurt her, I’d never forgive you. I promise you that. I’d never forgive you. (internally) That’s the one thing I won’t forgive.

Manabe: Well, then, if I were that kind of guy, what would you do?

Yuki: I’d never speak to you again.

FB 77-4

What the hell!? “Never speak to you again”!!!? I sound like a little kid! I said “Never speak to you again”…!? What the hell am I talking about!? Where did that come from!? I couldn’t have come up with a better threat!? That’s so lame!

Yuki is such a precious adorkable baby.  And then Manabe apparently sets off the Kimi alarm by mentioning porn.  And Kimi mentions that Manabe has a girlfriend.

Yuki: I didn’t know you had a girlfriend…there’s a girl who’ll actually put up with you…?

Manabe: Indeed I do. She’s super cute. I’m crazy about her. So I’m not interested in Honda-san in a romantic sense. She’s on my mind for a different reason. But it concerns more than just me, so I’d like to put off telling you for just a little longer. That okay?

FB 77-5

I feel like everybody knows a Manabe in high school (unless they ARE the Manabe).

I don’t think I could hate anyone who can so freely say that they love someone. “I’d never speak to you again.” The flustered part of me that spouted that nonsense…maybe I don’t really hate that part of myself so much, is what I thought. It was the first time I’d thought that. Maybe there will come a day when I can look back on myself right now and smile.

FB 77-6

Maybe there is a childish part of him, but if it’s honest, it might not be such a bad thing to indulge now and again.

Yuki: Here. A souvenir for you, Machi. I saw these leaves raining down. They were really pretty!

FB 77-7

So Yuki brought some memories home – and so did Tohru!

Tohru: I wanted to finish the Zodiac figurines. I didn’t do a very good job, and I still have to paint them…

FB 77-8

After I add color, they’ll start to glow.

Until next time…

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