The class trip snuck up on Tohru and Kyo.  And poor Kyo just can’t get a break.

FB 76-1

Going on a trip with everyone is a lot of fun. The only thing is, there’s been so much on my mind lately that the trip totally slipped my mind…

So their entire class (that is, all the second years) is running around Kyoto, and apparently this is a popular time for high schoolers to profess their love to each other.

FB 76-2

Arisa: Don’t you think it’s strange? If there’s such a mad rush to confess your crush on someone, then shouldn’t the Prince be getting pulled in eight different directions right about now? So why’s he got so much free time?

It turns out there are some perks to having an organized fan club after all: They’re all honor-bound to not stake a personal claim on the Prince.  Kyo is not that lucky.

Kyo: I’m not interested in you. I don’t even know your name.

Girl: I can tell you my name! And if we start going out, maybe you’ll fall in love with me.

Kyo: That ain’t the point. Enough already. You get the message, so gimme a break. […] Don’t touch me. You just annoy me. What makes you think I want any part in your romantic delusions!?

Well, it is an improvement from his first day in class – at least he didn’t hit her.  And he’s spared any further awkwardness by the interruption of Arisa and two guys who were spying on them.

Girl: Who interrupts a situation like this? I bet you have a crush on Kyo, don’t you?

FB 76-3

Okay, I think EVERYONE has at least wondered at some point if Arisa and Kyo actually like each other.  Probably because they have the type of mutually abrasive relationship that’s prone to be romanticized in rom-coms.  Takaya-sensei just wanted to make it clear that no, those two aren’t secretly in love.  That’s not how real people express love outside of elementary school.

Tohru: Um, can I ask what was the cause…?

Kyo: Nothing really. None of your business anyway.

Yuki has no patience for these kinds of flubs anymore, and promptly hits Kyo as only he can.

Yuki: You destructive idiot!!

Saki: That was the proper response. Have a dango.

Arisa: Get your head on straight, destructive idiot.

So now Yuki is of one mind with Uo-chan and Hana-chan…

FB 76-4

“None of your business anyway.” That isn’t the first time I’ve been told that, but it felt like a punch to the gut.

Even when Kyo manages to get away from people, he’s still met with romantic drama in the form of a lovestruck kitty.  She scratches his face when he starts paying too much attention to Tohru and leaves.

Tohru: Oh no! Kitty-san! What should we do? We have to follow!

Kyo: The cat came over on her own and left on her own. Leave her be. You can’t be nice to every damn thing.

Tohru: (internally) Someday, will I too be pushed aside like that? Will I…?

This is why you mustn’t go making Tohru worry, Kyo! You’re too adorable together! And you’re only not telling her how you really feel because you think she doesn’t know about the confinement and WHYYYYYY?!? For real though, the drama does work so much better than most “misunderstanding” plots because part of the misunderstanding comes from not knowing how much the other person already knows. They’re each trying to spare the other pain in some way, and in the meantime they’re not being honest with each other about how they feel or why.

FB 76-5

Kyo: Wanna hang out with me?

Tohru: Yes… (internally) It’s strange. With just a few words, he can shake me up or make me happy. Kyo-kun is a mysterious person.

Until next time…

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