Tohru has way too much on her heart already, and not much to show for it (yet).

FB 75-1

I wish with all my heart that Momiji-kun and Momo-san will be able to meet each other, and that Uo-chan and Kureno-san will be reunited.

And she still thinks she has a totally selfish motive in trying to meet Kureno because Arisa said to forget about it, which adds a whole ‘nother layer to Tohru’s burdens.

Momiji: Kureno lives in the inner mansion. We hardly ever see him. So it may be difficult for you to get to him…no, wait. Maybe that’s only what we Members of the Zodiac think. Maybe we just don’t see him because Akito told us we couldn’t. It may actually be pretty easy for you to see him.

We already knew that Akito doesn’t like Kureno interacting with the others, but the fact that Akito ordered them to avoid him raises a lot more questions.

FB 75-2

So Tohru heads into the heart of the Sohma compound all by her lonesome (because she couldn’t possibly let Momiji come with, even when he flat out asks to come and guide her), without a clue what might happen if she happens to get caught trespassing.

Mom, if you’re not angry with me for what I’m doing right now, please share a little of your fighting spirit!

FB 75-3

She only manages to catch a glimpse of her quarry and call his name before she’s forced to run and hide from a succession of strangers, driven hopelessly off-course.

FB 75-4

Tohru: (internally) That’s Akito-san’s voice. What should I do?

Kureno: It’s me, Kureno. I was just passing through…No. I have to get back before Akito starts to worry.

Tohru: (internally) Huh? Then that isn’t Akito-san? I was certain…

Just to get this out there, some small part of my affection for Kureno stems from the fact that I myself belong to the Year of the Rooster.  I still don’t buy any of that horoscope crap, but I do find our similarities an amusing coincidence.

Anyhow, Kureno facilitates their escape before properly interrogating Tohru.

Kureno: I had a feeling someone called out to me, and when I took a look around outside…What are you doing here? […] In the first place, how did you even get “inside”? If you came in without permission, then you have no room to complain if I turn you over to the police.

Tohru: Please wait! I need to…Before you hand me over to the police, will you answer one question? Kureno-san…Kureno-san, do you know Arisa Uotani-san…!?

That cuts through his indifferent façade.

Tohru: She seems really sad that she can’t see you, Kureno-san. I can tell she’s missing you…

Kureno: I don’t intend to see her again.

Tohru: Is it because you’re one of the Members of the Zodiac?

Kureno: No. No, that’s not it. I…I am…it has nothing to do with you.

FB 75-5

Well, that’s about as blatantly and frustratingly evasive as you can get.

Tohru: I see! Um, but, Uo-chan means a lot to me. So please, here, take this. It’s Uo-chan’s contact info. I’m not telling you that you have to contact her if you accept this. It’s just that, you never know what might happen tomorrow. You may wake up and want to see her. Or maybe not tomorrow, but the day after – maybe a year from now, maybe even ten years from now. Because as long as you’re living, you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. As long as you’re alive, you’ll always have something to wish for.

Kureno: […] Oh, ha-ha! Unfortunately, I’m fresh out of handcuffs. It’s okay. I’ll look the other way this time. […] Well, go on now. This isn’t a place for a girl like you. Farewell.

I think that last line is closer to the reason he won’t seek out Arisa than anything else he said.  Also he is truly adorable at heart.

My heart feels like it’s going to be torn apart.

FB 75-6

Tohru: Momiji-kun, I’ve really caused you a lot of trouble today…

Momiji: Why do you say that? You haven’t been any trouble at all. Just the opposite! After what you told me about Momo, I’m thrilled! I’m so thankful. Hey, how about I have a concert just for you someday, Tohru!? […] I’ll play whatever song you like!

Tohru: Song…I like…wish…”When You Wish Upon a Star.” […] It popped into my head…just now.

My wish is that they can reach each other.

FB 75-7

For once, Kyo finds Tohru sitting moodily on the roof.

Tohru: It’s only natural to want to be with the person you love, to want to be by their side, right?

Kyo: What is it? Are you in love with some guy? […] Don’t worry. When you do fall in love…you’ll have my full support.

Then Tohru starts crying without quite knowing why, because seriously Kyo! That’s not what she needed to hear! Add that little comment to her cup full of worry and no wonder she’s a mess.

Tohru: (internally) My heart aches. It feels like it’s going to be torn apart. Is it because my outrageous wish doesn’t stand a chance? Is it because I know that some wishes just don’t come true? Even so, I’ll keep wishing. (aloud) Kyo-kun, what do you “wish” for?

Kyo: That a certain someone I know quits crying.

Why do you have to be so adorable and so dense!? Both of you!?

Until next time…

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