With The Wedding on the horizon, Steven tries to make up for at least one of Rose’s mistakes.

Pearl: Who knew that planning a wedding could be so fun?

Steven: I did!

Steven has been preparing for this day all his life – the day he gets to plan a friend’s wedding!  He even appears to have constructed a comprehensive wedding catalog and it is adorable and very Steven.

Pearl’s getting into the spirit of organizing a big event and Amethyst just seems to be enjoying the excitement, but Sapphire is a little distracted.

Steven: Then I’ll say, “I now pronounce you Garnet”, and then you fuse! Everyone’ll cheer!

Sapphire: Everyone…who survived.

Steven: Huh?

Sapphire: Oh, it’s just…there are so many old friends who won’t be able to come. All the Crystal Gems who are corrupted and bubbled in the basement.

Ruby: Maybe we could bring the bubbles up here?

Sapphire: No, no, it’s not safe. We can’t risk them getting out.

But then Steven remembers one Crystal Gem in the basement who’s not corrupted…

Steven: Hey Bismuth…long time no see.

Bismuth: Rose- I mean, Steven!

Steven: Oh, there’s a third option now…

Bismuth: Why would you let me out? I just tried to shatter you.

Steven: You know how you fought Mom because her whole war strategy didn’t make any sense? You were right!

When Bismuth sees the other bubbled Crystal Gems, she jumps to a much worse conclusion, but after she frees one and it starts attacking them, she calms down enough to actually let Steven explain what’s going on.

Bismuth: I really thought all of our problems would disappear if we could just shatter a Diamond! Guess she ended up taking my advice.

Steven: Um, sorry about all this…

Bismuth: Thanks for talking to me.

Steven: Wow, you took that pretty well. Way better than Garnet!

Bismuth: How so?

Steven: She unfused over it.

Bismuth: What? No! They’re my favorite couple!

I mean, it certainly makes sense that someone who had significant disagreements with Rose would feel a lot differently about learning she’s really a Diamond.  But this leads Steven into the happy occasion for his visit.

Steven wants to pull her out as a surprise, but Bismuth is (understandably) reluctant to just show up when they’d just been keeping her bubbled in the basement, so she retreats to her mountain forge when left to her own devices.

Steven: I’m sure if you hurry back we can still surprise them. They’re gonna be so happy to see you!

Bismuth: If they wanted to see me so much, they could’ve let me out themselves. But they didn’t. Of course they didn’t. I attacked their leader…

Steven: They’re not gonna side with Rose anymore, not after-

Bismuth: I’m not talking about Rose, I’m talking about you.

Steven: But I’m not the leader – Garnet’s the leader.

Bismuth: And where’s Garnet?

Steven: She’ll be back. That’s the whole point! It’s a big Crystal Gem wedding! We should all be there together!

Bismuth: Why? Why are the Crystal Gems still together after finding out that everything was a sham? Somebody’s making them believe in the future, and it’s you! You honestly think they’re gonna want me around when the last thing I did was try to shatter you? You told them everything, and they made their choice. They want me in a bubble and you out there.

I mean, she’s not wrong.  Garnet might still take the lead on missions, but Steven’s long been the heart of the team, and without him they would’ve fallen apart several times over.

I notice Bismuth’s apron is much pinker in her latest form…

Bismuth: You say they want me to be maid of honor? Well, I am. I’m made of the most solid, flexible, diamagnetic stuff there is, and I’m not as dense as you might think. I’ve got enough self-respect in this Gem to accept that they don’t want me on their team anymore. I blew it! Everything was different and I didn’t believe it.

Steven: Everything is different! We had a fight, so we can make up, right? If they didn’t let you out because they care about me, then they’re gonna care that I want you back on the team. […] I want you back on the team. Forget the surprise! If we show up together, they’re all gonna know that everything’s okay.

Bismuth: Spoken like a leader.

Steven: No. Spoken like a friend.

Bismuth: Hey everyone. Did you guys…bismuth me?

Because of course they were mostly concerned about Steven’s safety and they’re just so happy I can’t.  Also she made them rings and brought that as her wedding gift.

There has been so much drama this season, I am fully prepared to just be happy for a little while.

Until next time…

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