Someone else told us we were the answer. I don’t believe that anymore.

Ruby’s been talking things over with Greg (who is unsurprisingly chill about the Pink Diamond revelation), and she’s having a slightly different identity crisis than Sapphire.

Ruby: Yeah, Sapphire was kind of right about everything. We really did stay Garnet because Rose told us we were “the answer”. It’s my first time really thinking about it. It’s my first time really thinking about me.

Steven: What do you mean?

Ruby: Back when I emerged, the first thing I did was get crammed together with a bunch of other rubies! Then, I was with Sapphire all the time. I was always checking in with someone. But now I can go wherever the wind takes me! I’m up here, eating pizza, reading comics – I don’t know if Sapphire likes to read comics, I don’t have to know! The rest of my life could be like this! I don’t have to be Garnet. I could be on my own!

Greg: Sure!

Amethyst: I guess.

Steven: What? But-but you guys love each other! You’re my favorite couple, you’re like sugar and flour – I love eating them separately, but I still want cake! I’m sure Sapphire would want-

Ruby: I’m not fussed about what Sapphire wants! I’m seeing my own future now, and it’s nothing but Ruby!

This is the first time Ruby’s gotten to be her own character, not blending in with other rubies or being part of Garnet (the fusion or the ship).  It’s not about the Pink Diamond revelation so much as Sapphire pushing her away, forcing her to find a way to cope on her own, and realizing that it’s actually possible.

But Steven is still kinda freaking out.

Greg: Relax, kiddo. This could be what she needs.

Steven: But Dad! What if they never form Garnet again? We have to get them back together!

Greg: That’s not our call to make – Ruby’s got to want that for herself. If that’s not what Ruby wants, then it’s not what Garnet wants, right?

Steven: I guess so…

Ruby latches onto a Western comic and determines to blaze a trail through the wilderness.

Steven: Sorry to be a yellow-belly about this, but we don’t even have a map. I think we’re just gonna get ourselves lost.

Ruby: I already am lost. That’s why I came out here – to find myself.

And they eventually find themselves by a thick hedge, which Ruby discovers (the hard way) is hiding a ravine.

Ruby: Woah! I had no idea this ravine was here. I almost fell down there, and, it was all my choice! Yeehaw! Independence!

Turns out Ruby has a good head on her shoulders after all (even if she can be a bit reckless without Sapphire).

I used to think I would always be by your side
But lately you've been rather cold
One look in your eye could make an honest Gem cry
But Ruby Rider don't need no one to hold

The wild west/cowboy aesthetic is certainly fun (even if Ruby’s song isn’t all that impressive), and Steven has to admit that at least it’s nice to see Ruby having fun doing her own thing.

Steven: Hey, Ruby. You know, I got really scared when you said didn’t want to fuse with Sapphire anymore. I felt like I was losing someone I cared about. But I saw how much fun you were having today. All this buckarooing really suits you. I’m sorry I tried to push you back into being Garnet.

Ruby: That stuff I sang about, it’s not true. […] I mean, I did have a lot of fun today. I loved it! But the whole time, I kept thinking about how much more fun I’d have if I were with her. Sapphire was always there with me. I’d feel her smile just like it was mine. It’s so lonely now. That’s lame, right? I came here to be my own Gem, but I’m still thinking about what she’d like, what she wants, all the time! Turns out, I’m not good at not needing nobody.

Ruby is just so sweet!  Fortunately, Steven is around to tell her loving someone isn’t lame, at which point she finally realizes what kind of Gem she wants to be.

Ruby: Well, if I’m making my own decisions, then I’ll decide I want to be with Sapphire. I mean, I gotta ask her first. I just don’t want it to feel like we’re going back to how things used to be, when someone else told us to be together. I want it to feel different.

Thus we finally get to The Question, when Ruby comes back home to Sapphire.

Sapphire: Ruby! I’m so sorry. I should’ve never said those awful things to you – that we didn’t matter anymore. I shouldn’t have pushed you away like that. I was wrong.

Ruby: Nah, you were right. Someone else told us we were the answer. I don’t believe that anymore. At least, not til I hear it from you. Sapphire, will you marry me?

Sapphire: What? Marry you?

Ruby: Yeah! This way, we can be together even when we’re apart! This time, being Garnet will be our decision. What do you say?

Of course she says yes, and there’s an instrumental version of “Stronger Than You” playing and they are just too cute.

My sentiments exactly.

Until next time…

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