But how does that make you feel?

This is a somewhat unusual aftermath episode (or rather mini-arc), largely because it’s not about an event, but a reveal.

Sapphire: This can’t be happening. Oh Ruby, I’m so sorry! You left before I could take back all the horrible things I said to you!

I mean, Ruby seems to be reacting mostly to Sapphire’s breakdown, but it’s something of a chain reaction that’s turning all of the Crystal Gems into sobbing messes.

Steven: Do you see her coming back in your future vision, Sapphire?

Sapphire: Oh, oh! Maybe, but…she’s so wonderful! And spontaneous! I have no idea what she could- why would she be a cowboy?

Pearl: There, there. It’s going to be okay. She’s going to come back. She’s got to come back! If she doesn’t, then, then there’d be no more Garnet…and what on Earth would we do without Garnet?

Sapphire: Oh Pearl, how will I ever get her back?

Steven volunteers to look for Ruby, and Amethyst opts to go with him instead of trying to do anything with Pearl and Sapphire.

Steven: Amethyst, you know I love these great goofs, but I’m worried about Ruby. Could you stop messing around and turn back to normal?

Amethyst: You’re the boss.

Amethyst seems to be a bit goofier than normal while Steven is intent on finding Ruby (who remains surprisingly elusive).

Then, one montage later, they end up at the pizza place.

Steven: She’s not in here, either. This is where I’d go if I was feeling down. Pizza always cheers me up.

Amethyst: So, why don’t we get some?

Steven: But we haven’t found Ruby yet.

Amethyst: Steven, it’s cool you want to help Ruby, but what about you? Come on! Let’s forget about Ruby for a moment and get some pizza!

This is really the first chance Steven has had to stop and try to process what all this means, since he first had to address Pearl, then Garnet, then Sapphire, and now Ruby as they each took turns responding to the new status quo.  That’s probably not completely by accident – doing things for others is a great distraction when you don’t want to consider yourself.  So naturally, Amethyst has to be the one to approach the pink elephant in the room.

Amethyst: So, all this time, we thought Rose was this rebel leader, but she was just rebelling against herself?

Steven: Apparently.

Amethyst: And the Diamond that Rose supposedly shattered – I mean, you’ve got it! It’s right there under your shirt.

Steven: Yeah.

Amethyst: So, how you feeling?

Steven: I feel…confused. I thought I’d really finally got it, that Mom didn’t have everything figured out even though everyone put her way up on this pedestal, but now I guess she’s royalty, too? I’m relieved that she didn’t actually shatter anyone, but she lied to everyone. I mean, I’m not surprised. I knew she was a liar. But this is just…so much.

Amethyst: But like, aren’t you mad?

Steven: Kind of? I don’t know. I can see how she was good, and bad, and bad and good, but I guess what really matters right now is how hard Garnet took it.

Amethyst: But what about you? She’s your mom! You were always under all this pressure to be like her, but was she even like her? Was anyone ever like her? She was supposed to be so great. She was supposed to know everything, she was supposed to make everything better! It’s not fair! We shouldn’t have to deal with any of this! We shouldn’t have to fix any of this, we weren’t around for her stupid war! This…this is everyone else’s problem. This has nothing to do with me…and you! This has nothing to do with you!

She’s not exactly wrong, but she still clearly some hangups of her own and of course Steven won’t rest until he’s sniffed them out.

Steven: Amethyst, hold on a second. Are you okay?

Amethyst: No! I mean, yes! Of course I’m okay! I’m trying to find out how you feel about all this! It’s your mom, okay? It doesn’t really affect me.

I mean, Rose was obviously the closest thing Amethyst ever had to a mother, so it makes sense that she would feel betrayed, too.

Then Jenny lets drop that Greg is entertaining a “little friend” up on his jamming hill.

Amethyst: Let me handle this, Steven. No more adults should be putting anything else on you! Just let someone else take care of it for once!

Steven: Amethyst, wait! There’s someone else who needs help even more, and it’s you! Amethyst, we need to talk.

Gonna side with Amethyst on this one.  Whether he’s comparing Amethyst to himself or Ruby, I really don’t think Amethyst needs “more” help.  Definitely some, but not more.  Although I do serious question what exactly she thinks she can do for Ruby.

Steven: Let me help you with your feelings!

I can totally relate to Steven, tho.

Amethyst: You wanna know how I feel, Steven?

Steven: I thought I was pretty clear about that.

Amethyst: I thought I was pretty clear, too! I feel like I don’t want to say “What about me?” okay? And I don’t want to be bent out of shape! I don’t wanna be stuck in the past, and I’m not responsible for what Rose did. None of us are! Not you, not Pearl, and not Garnet! But I am responsible for me, and right now, I am not going to dump another thousand year old complex on you or anybody else! I’m ending it right here! I am the ding dong sunshine future, your friend forever! And I’m not gonna fall apart on you.

The disaster child is all grown up!

Steven: Have you been trying to cheer me up this whole time?

Amethyst: Yes, geez! Don’t you know you deserve it, you great person?

Steven: …Hey Amethyst?

Amethyst: What?

Steven: I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but…I think you’re officially the most mature Crystal Gem.

Amethyst: Oh, no. Oh, gross! That’s what this is, isn’t it?

Steven: Yeah, pretty much.

They both still have their share of Rose-related issues to work through, but they’ll keep.  And to be fair, Pearl is suddenly dealing with an avalanche of long-repressed emotions, while Garnet’s suddenly forced to question the basis of her existence.  Those are huge issues to work through!  But the difference is that Amethyst recognizes their increasing tendency to rely on Steven for emotional support, and she’s able to remember that at the end of the day, he’s still just a kid and he really shouldn’t feel the need to resolve all that himself.

Until next time…

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