Kyo and Tohru FINALLY communicate their feelings and it is beautiful.

FB 129-1

My feet aren’t listening to me. They just took off, away from Kyo-kun…It’s weird. It’s strange. I didn’t plan to do this. I had decided to smile when I saw him again.

It’s a reversal of pretty much every other conflict they’ve had thus far – Tohru is the one running away now, while Kyo chases her and tries to talk sensibly.

It’s no good. It’s hopeless. Everything is over. There’s nothing left that I can do.

FB 129-2

My heart…it hurts. It hurts. Just hearing his name is like a knife through my heart. I’m no good like this. I can’t keep being so wishy-washy and dragging this out. It’ll only cause trouble for everyone…for Kyo-kun…and that’s the last thing I want to do.

I decided that I’d try to smile when we met again. I even practiced doing it over and over. I guess it was no use. I really am hopeless. It wasn’t a lie when I thought to myself, “It’ll be alright,” but…”Even if I’m not with him, it’ll be all right. I don’t mind.” I tried to resign myself, but…I do want to be with him. Not being able to breaks my heart. It breaks my heart.

Tohru baby, NO ONE is that alright. ┬áBut she really needs her Kyo to get her to actually express those feelings, of course…

FB 129-3

Tohru: Please…wait. Hold on…just…just a second…(internally) I’ve always been lousy at hiding my feelings. Stop it. C’mon, stop crying. Knock it off. I don’t want to make him more uncomfortable. I don’t want him to hate me. I don’t want him to be any more disappointed in me than he is already.

FB 129-4

Kyo: I was only thinking about myself. Only focused on my own confession, saying what I wanted to say. Trampling all over your feelings…I know full well that this world doesn’t always give you the chance to apologize before losing someone. If I let the same kind of thing happen again, how is that any different from not knowing…? So I’m sorry for making you cry. And I’m sorry for hurting you. This will be the last. It’s all I need. No do-overs. Just this once. Will you give me one last chance? I want to be with you…! If I’ve got a life ahead of me, I want to share it with you. I don’t want anybody else. Because I love you…

Tohru: Then…does that mean…it’s all right for us to stay together…? I can hold your hand and stay with you…? It’s really all right?

FB 129-5

These two are too precious.

FB 129-6

Kyo: Hey. You do know this is our second kiss, right?

Tohru: What!?

Tohru really is adorable when she gets flustered!

Kyo: You mind if I hold you? I’ll lose my “human form” right away, but being together…means there are gonna be times when you suffer ’cause of this damn weird body.

And now he’s come full circle and I can’t anymore.

FB 129-7

Kyo: I see. Then I guess that makes me invincible too…I got nothing to fear. Not as long as I have you!

FB 129-8

But he doesn’t transform…

FB 129-9

Until next time…

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