Tohru’s support network kicks into action as she struggles to process what Kureno told her.

FB 99-1

Saki: You called, so I rushed over.

Here’s another little callback to the anime – evidently Takaya-sensei liked the idea of Hana-chan sensing Tohru’s distress and coming to her aid.  Except in this version she takes Tohru home instead of forcing her to face whatever is distressing her alone.

Saki calls Shigure’s house to let them know she’s officially kidnapped Tohru for the night, prompting some amusing thoughts from Shigure.

Shigure: Well, I may have incurred Saki-chan’s wrath, depending on how this plays out…oh noooo! Scaaary!

You have no idea, Shigure.  On several fronts.

Tohru: Um, Hana-chan…how did you…know I was there?

Saki: You were crying. It was in a voice that only I can hear. Your crying was like a shout to me.

FB 99-2

Tohru finally breaks down and cries, letting some of her pent-up anxieties out.

Tohru: Kureno-san…he’s Kureno…Sohma-san…And I wanted for him to see Uo-chan again…so badly. So I asked him…but – but he can’t! He told me…he said…he has to stay…by someone else’s side…Kure- Kureno-san…is so kind. He isn’t doing it for himself. He’s concentrating all his efforts on someone else’s feelings…I couldn’t say anything. All I’ve done…is cause trouble. And yet…I couldn’t do anything…I’m so useless…!

FB 99-3

Saki: He cares more about other people’s feelings than his own? That’s just like you, Tohru-kun. You know, I worry about you. Because you’re the way you are, you’re so responsive to other people’s feelings. You treasure them, and let them pile up, and up, and up. But in time, that weight will crush you. If you’re crushed by those feelings, then your smile will probably disappear too. If that happens, then…

Arisa: Then it’d be the end of the world!

Tohru has to realize that she simply can’t make everyone happy.  One person’s support can only go so far, and she’s hardly the wisest person in the world.  At some point you just have to let go and hope that the people you love will make good decisions for themselves.

Arisa: How can I put this…? I’m the lowest of the low, for making you cry. Don’t ever think you’re useless, got that? I love you, you dummy!

FB 99-4

It’s all right. Enough is enough. I mean it this time. Kureno-san and you…you two really are a pair. You’re both stupid in the same ways. I guess I have a weakness for that brand of stupid. I don’t wanna make trouble for somebody like that. So it’s time to let it go. Just gotta let it go.

Megumi: Did someone break your heart, Arisa-san…? […] There are some things that take a long time to acquire, like friends or lovers. So it wasn’t for nothing.

Arisa: Of course! That’s my creed.

So now Arisa has some closure (although her story isn’t necessarily over, just put on hold indefinitely until Kureno gets his crap sorted out), and Tohru has one less worry as she continues her quest to get to the bottom of the Curse.

Meanwhile, Kyo rescued Tohru’s scarf from the middle of the street and they’re both adorable.

FB 99-5

Every night greets the dawn. There is no night that goes on forever. Let’s take it from the top, one step at a time. One step at a time. I want to unravel these mysteries, these truths…all the things that Kureno-san told me.

Until next time…


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