FB 100-1

Shigure: What’s this? You’re making paper flowers, huh? For school?

Tohru’s class (and incidentally, Momiji’s class) is supposed to make a ton of paper flowers for the school’s graduation ceremony, and thus much of the chapter is concerned with making them and offering them as small tokens of affection.  All while Tohru is trying to sort through the things Kureno told her and figure out in whom she should confide (if anyone).

All the truths Kureno-san told me, they feel sort of like I’m peering into a deep, dark well. Akito-san is a woman…there’s tension between her and her mother, Ren-san…Kureno-san has been released from the curse. How could I talk about these things so rashly? Especially to the other Members of the Zodiac who don’t know the truth yet?

FB 100-2

Meanwhile, the Yuki fangirls spring into action and steal Yuki’s quota of paper flowers.

Arisa: So we’re down a bunch of flowers. Only one thing to do…I’m counting on you to make up the slack, Kyon!

Then it turns out some Kyo fangirls stole all of HIS flowers.

FB 100-3

Somehow, I feel like Kyo’s fangirls are a little creepier…

Kyo: I’m not saying I’ll “kill” whoever stole them…but they can go to hell!

Arisa: For him, that’s being kind.

So rather than just working to remake the flowers, Arisa organizes a posse to bring justice upon the flower thieves (because that’s just more satisfying), leaving Tohru and Kyo to mind the room.

FB 100-4

And Yuki runs into Machi on his patrol (or as it happens, perhaps she ran into him…).

Machi: …Weird. […] When you wander around in a weird, random way, I can’t predict where you’ll go…I can’t find you…

Yuki: Oh! I see. You were looking for me? Sorry. What did you need me for?

Machi: No, it’s nothing.

Yuki: Hey, wait a second. You were out of breath looking for me…for nothing?

Machi: …There was…something, but…

Yuki: Well, which is it?

Machi: I…I just wanted to say hello. I saw you before, when I was walking…and I thought to myself, I should go say hello. But you kept walking around in a nonsensical pattern! […] Anyway. I couldn’t catch up. So I got stubborn about it…

FB 100-5

She wanted to say hello…she chased after me just for that?

She also wanted to give him a paper flower (she’s in Momiji’s class), but she’s thoroughly embarrassed by the time she remembers it (and it’s pretty sweaty after she’s run around school holding it), so it turns out extremely unromantic.  Poor Machi just can’t express her feelings properly, and Yuki’s not that great at it, either.

Tohru: Kyo-kun…if…if the curse that binds all the Members of the Zodiac…had broken for one of you…what would you think…?

Kyo: What would I think…? What do you mean? I have no idea. I don’t wanna talk “what-ifs” about the damn curse.

FB 100-6

What should I do? I don’t want to annoy him…but I can’t look at him. I think I might cry.

FB 100-7

Kyo’s actions speak way more adorably than words.  But Tohru still really needs someone to talk things out with.

FB 100-8

And finally, Shigure offers a paper flower to Akito as a pretty pathetic peace offering in his attempt to smooth things over after the whole kerfuffle with Yuki and Kureno.

Akito: …Tell me. Do you remember…?

Shigure: Remember what?

FB 100-9

You are always on my mind. That’s the unshakable truth.

Shigure, you are way too obtuse for Akito’s good (and in turn everyone else’s good), but of course you already knew that.

Until next time…


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