Once upon a time there was a maiden with wings of freedom. A man in love with this maiden thought, “If I could just bind those wings, we would never have to be apart even for a moment.” But when the man wrapped the maiden’s wings in a magical shawl, the wings immediately fell to the ground, and the maiden died…


There’s so much going on in this episode (including this little callback to episode 3), Drosselmeyer is positively giddy.

At first glance, the prologue seems to be about Mytho and Tutu, and it certainly does work on that level, but looking at it from the vantage of the entire series (and swapping the genders) it actually applies to Rue and Mytho as well.  It will become evident just how fitting it is in the coming episodes, so I’ll leave it at that for now.


Duck and Fakir discovering each other’s “secret identities” turns out to be more of a positive than anything else, as they’re now more or less on the same page (even if Fakir isn’t ready to trust Duck or Tutu just yet).

Fakir: The tale can no longer be halted. If you wish to restore his heart, go ahead. No matter what the outcome of your little heroics, I will protect Mytho.

Duck: Fakir found out. But it’s kind of strange, I actually feel relieved now. Fakir’s always thinking by himself, deciding by himself, fighting by himself, even crying by himself. He won’t show me his true face…It was warm there, in Fakir’s arms. I bet that’s the real Fakir.

I feel like Duck’s “superpower”, the thing that makes her uniquely suited to act as Princess Tutu, is her ability to find a person’s “true face” and bring it out.


Rue: Mytho, if you regain anymore of your heart you’ll grow distant from me, I know it. I am a crow, your enemy, even though I love you so much. I wish I could have stayed Rue forever, free of Kraehe’s memories, but now…

Edel offers Mytho a gem called “Love” while he’s hanging out with Rue.

Edel: And yet, though this gem is strong, it is easily scarred; though beautiful, it is easily tarnished; if fought over, it may prove deadly. Please use care in handling it.

But of course Mytho doesn’t heed the warning. He all but tells Rue he wants to give it to Tutu.  At which she offers to take the gem home to her workshop and “make it even prettier”.

Drosselmeyer: Very good, very good! Another necessary component of the tale has been added: Love filled with hatred.

Rue is desperate to “keep” Mytho – that was why she accepted the role of Kraehe in the first place.


I just have to say it: That umbrella is adorable and I want one.

Mytho: That’s strange. They said if you give someone a gift you’ll know how they feel, but I still don’t know how you feel. I don’t know what it is you think of me. Although, it made you happy, so I guess that’s okay too.

Mytho, why do you have to be so cute with Tutu?

But of course they can’t be left in peace.  The gem (surprise surprise) contains the heart shard of Love, but it also contains a trap set by Kraehe.


Drosselmeyer: If you’re the knight, you have to conquer any fears you have and defeat the villain; if you’re the villain, you have to eliminate the princess without any show of mercy; if you’re the princess, you have to save the prince by the power of your love; if you’re the prince, you have to use your wisdom and courage.

Although those would seem to be proper roles for a knight, villain, princess, and prince, I notice that at least two of those are things which Herr Drosselmeyer himself gave lethal consequences.

Princess Kraehe: How do you like it, Princess Tutu, being bound by the Prince’s feelings? Hurts, yes? Well that only shows how strongly he feels for you. How shameful.


Until next time…

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