My Top 5 Princess Tutu Episodes

So I was recently rewatching Princess Tutu (again), and I finally came up with five episodes I’m content to declare as favorites (which is way harder than it was with Fruits Basket due to the far more consistent quality). These aren’t necessarily the “best” (they’re not even always the ones I most enjoy, as that often fluctuates with my mood), but I certainly enjoy them a lot every time I watch them. Read more

Episode 25: The Dying Swan

Once upon a time there was a man who died. The man had the power to make stories come true, so his hands were cut off by the people, who were afraid of tragedies becoming reality. When the man died, the people heaved a great sigh of relief. As it turned out, however, when his hands were cut off, the man had been writing a story in his own blood. That was a story he could continue spinning even after he died – a story of the man himself.

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Episode 23: Marionette

Once upon a time there was a princess who was held captive. She was imprisoned in the demon king’s castle, her freedom taken from her. The princess had no choice but to dance like a puppet to the tune set by the whim of her sadistic captor. One day, a hero came to fight the demon king, seeking to save the princess. However, there was no way the hero could obtain the victory, for you see, the hero did not know that he himself was a puppet that the demon king had created.tutu-23-2

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Princess Tutu is Exactly As Girly As It Sounds (And That’s Not A Bad Thing)


Full disclosure: I’ve never been much of a “girly girl”.  For a long time I steered clear of pink, I never gave much thought to my clothing even in high school, I still don’t put on makeup except on special occasions, and I’ve never gotten my ears pierced.  So when I discovered this amazing anime called Princess Tutu a couple years ago, I was initially compelled to introduce the show as “Princess Tutu *but it’s actually way awesomer than it sounds*” (read: it’s really not that girly…except it kinda is, but please believe me, it’s still amazing, I’M NOT INSANE).  Read more