It finally happened! Our memorable adventures caught up to us.

The story begins with Amity attempting to do her (evidently semi-regular) duty of shilling for her parents’ abomination factory. She basically just needs to make a show of being overpowered by one of those things.

Amity: Oh no, it’s undefeatable. How will I ever escape.

But when she drops a precious photo, she panics and accidentally destroys the thing. As you do.

Odalia Blight: Amity! You just lost us a lot of money! What’s with you lately? […] Looks like our precious Mittens has been getting distracted…

So Amity’s parents are interfering with her life again. Yay.

Meanwhile at the Owl House, Luz is starting to teach Eda and Lilith how to use glyphs.

Lilith: Are we about to encounter a never-before-seen glyph?

Luz: Unfortunately, no. These four either came from nature or another witch’s spell. I don’t know where to find more.

Naturally, Lilith is far more ready to learn than Eda.

Luz: I know you’re impatient to get your powers back, but try to master the basics before you start experimenting.

Luz is at the very least a more consistent teacher than Eda ever was. But she also has school to attend.

Luz: You know, after everything that’s happened, I’m just happy to return to some sense of normalcy.

There have been a few changes at school, mainly Gus’s voice suddenly dropping (the actor’s voice might have started to drop in Season 1; it’s not unheard of for a boy’s voice to just be pitched up when puberty hits).

But alas, Amity’s parents have to ruin things.

Odalia: The PCA has decided…

Alador Blight: Oh, right. These three are bad influences and must be executed. Ahem! I mean, expelled.

Odalia (to Amity): Take this as a lesson, Mittens: A Blight always holds up their end of the deal.

It was only a matter of time before someone weaponized the gang’s extensive record of mischief, shenanigans, and property damage against them. Funny enough, Principal Bump was against their expulsion, but had no say in the matter.

Luz: Hey! How dare you mess with my friends’ lives. What have we ever done to you?

Odalia: Luz, was it? Please, this isn’t personal. I actually appreciate your tenacity. We are just trying to teach our daughter a valuable lesson in business.

Luz: How does this teach anything? We’re still gonna be friends with her.

They (or rather, Odalia, as Alador seems a bit more reasonable, if a bit absent-minded) seem to be trying to isolate Amity from the friends she made over the last season, much like with Willow in the past. It’s a very troubling pattern, and considering how Willow and Gus’ parents take their expulsion, it might have worked. But Luz isn’t giving up that easily.

Amity: I’m sorry. I was a coward in there. But my mom-

Luz: Hey, I get it. You’re scared of her. But I’m not. And I need you to take me to her. She seemed open to talking things through.

Amity attempts to dissuade her, but if Luz sees an opportunity to help her friends, of course she’s gonna take it.

Luz: I’m here to appeal to your hearts, Blights!

Odalia: That’s sweet, but let’s get to the deal.

But “willing to talk things through” evidently means “willing to have Luz replace Amity in the abomination demonstration, which is actually quite dangerous for a person that doesn’t have abomination magic.”

Fortunately, Amity catches on, and although she alerts Gus and Willow, naturally Amity herself is the one for this particular task.

Amity: Hey! Stay away from my Luz!

i can’t


Odalia: Amity! Get away from the human!

Amity: No! You’re gonna listen to me for once. Luz, Willow, and Gus are my friends. They’re nice to each other. They listen to each other. They make me think about the kind of person I really want to be. […] Let my friends back into Hexside, or else your precious investors will watch me rip this thing apart, bit by bit.

This is a fantastic return to the show for Amity, and if it doesn’t make up for her being left out of the season finale, it’s still a heck of an introduction for her larger role in Season 2.

While Odalia attempts to renege on her deal, Alador steps in to settle things.

Alador: Odalia. You made a deal with your daughter. And a Blight always upholds their end of the deal. Besides, she’s getting stronger. Strong enough to become a Coven Head someday.

It’s not completely clear at this point if he’s just trying to placate his wife or if he genuinely thinks that Amity is “stronger” with her new friends, but at least they make no further attempts to sabotage Amity’s relationships.

Back at the Owl House, Lilith succeeded in mastering the basics, and also in mastering Eda’s experiment gone horribly wrong.

Eda: So with the right combo, you can cast any spell!

King: Maybe the reason Luz hasn’t found any more glyphs is because there aren’t any more.

So they’ve discovered how to form glyph combos, and will spend much of the rest of the series experimenting with them.

Until next time…


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