Between Luz and Eda communicating and Lilith successfully integrating into the main cast, Season 2 is off to a promising start.

We start off with a little recap, which is kinda warranted, as the season finale did shift the status quo considerably.

Luz: Eda was cursed by her own sister, Lilith, and she spent her entire life looking for a way to undo it. It’s still hard for everyone to trust each other, but maybe, with time, we can all become friends. […] Without the portal, Eda has no human garbage to sell, so we’ve resorted to working odd jobs to keep food on the table. […] I’m growing more and more every day, and I’m gonna do my best to become a full-fledged witch, and get home to you safe and sound. Te quiero, Mama. Te lo prometo, regresare a casa pronto. [I love you, Mom. I promise you, I’ll come home soon.]

Luz tries sending a video to her mom, but she doesn’t have cell service without the portal.

The main plot of the episode revolves around the money issues at the Owl House resulting from Eda (and Lilith) losing her powers and her source of goods.

Eda: Things aren’t looking great, Lily. This bounty hunting stuff isn’t putting food on the table. Oh, I’m sure Luz could handle bigger bounties, but if we want to eat, we don’t have the luxury to mess up even once. No apple blood. I spent the money on griffin eggs for Luz. There’s not a lot she can digest here, so I make sure to have her favorites around.

Luz: This is awful! Eda wouldn’t be in this situation if it weren’t for me. Maybe it would be better if I never came here…

While Eda tried to convey that she doesn’t blame Luz for her troubles at all last episode, between the fighting and trauma and stuff, Luz didn’t really get it.

So Luz heads off with King on a bounty hunt.

Eda: Have fun wallowing in self-pity and feeling bad for cursing me. Bye!

Lilith is feeling particularly useless and out of place, and as mentioned earlier, struggling to trust her new roomies.

But Hooty refuses to leave her alone.

Hooty: New roomie check in! How’s my bestie doing? A scrying potion? Lulu! You’re trying to spy on your old buddies? I can help! We can find out their crushes! We can give them cute couple names.

Lilith: No! I can do this alone. Don’t follow me. And don’t call me Lulu!

Hooty: A good friend would respect her wishes. But a better friend would help no matter what!

So they join a crew aiming to catch a sea monster called a Selkidomas (a giant seal). Luz makes friends with the crew and uses her unique magic to accomplish all sorts of tasks. King’s basically just there to be cute and eat crackers…

…leading him to discover that the ship they’re on is owned by the Emperor.

Meanwhile, Lilith is having a hard time not being able to do magic.

Lilith: How can I get firebee honey without ice magic, or porcuspine quills without a sleeping spell? Who am I without magic, without a coven?

Lilith’s identity is so tied up with her (magical) accomplishments, starting over like this, relying on her sister she’d antagonized for years, is a tough pill to swallow.

Lilith: I told you not to follow me!

Hooty: If I were you, I would-

Lilith: You would what? Because it doesn’t matter. You aren’t me. You’re just some kind of weird bird-worm! You have no idea what I’m going through. I have to do this alone. Because if I can’t, what kind of witch am I?

Back at the main plot, the ship’s caught up with the Selkidomus, but before they can kill it, a mysterious figure takes off with the money…

Naturally, it’s just Eda turned pirate (because that’s such a great look for her! and you know, money).

Eda: Why were you on that ship to begin with? You could’ve gotten killed.

Golden Guard: That can still be arranged.

So, the Golden Guard is this season’s replacement for Lilith in the role of head of the Emperor’s Coven, despite being a teenager.

Golden Guard: The human will remain a sailor to repay all the money she lost, while the Owl Lady will be arrested, again, for attacking one of the Emperor’s ships.

Luz: Emperor’s ship?

Eda: They’re the only ones worth robbing. Why are you guys hunting the Selkidomus? It’s a peaceful creature and you’re provoking it.

Golden Guard: The Emperor ordered me to slay one. I’m just following orders.

Then he finally threatens King, at which point Luz caves and decides to slay the beast by herself.

Luckily, Eda is there to talk some sense into her.

Luz: Because you stuck with me, you lost your magic, you almost got turned to stone, and now you can’t even afford your apple blood because you’re worried about what I need to eat. It’s my fault all this happened. That’s why I’ve got to do this alone.


Eda: You think throwing your life away is going to help me? Well, it won’t. You helped me find King’s crown when you barely knew me, you saved me from turning to stone, and you even got me talking to my sister again. So, unfortunately for you, my life is pretty great because I’m friends with Luz the human. Now, your guilt-ridden brain is clouding your judgement. There’s gotta be a way out of this where no one has to get hurt.

Because Eda’s always looking for a loophole, especially when it means potentially saving an innocent creature. And once Luz actually stops to think, she comes up with just such a plan, staging a shadow-battle for the Golden Guard (who may have been looking for an excuse to not kill King anyway, as he’s just too darn cute).

Then the Selkidomus vomits up something that’s apparently really valuable on the black market (as a reward for saving her and her baby), and that about covers their money for the rest of the season.

Meanwhile, Lilith finally asks for help, and the little bird-worm makes quick work of the bees (or at least quick enough to get the honey and get out of there).

Lilith: I’m sorry for sending you away before. It’s hard for me to ask for help.

Hooty: It’s okay. I’m sorry for being all nosy-nosy. But hey, Lulu, every friendship comes with its ups and downs, right, best friend?

Lilith: I’m not commenting on that…Hootsifer.

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

And deep in the bowels of his castle, Belos is slowly rebuilding the portal…

There’s a reason why I wasn’t fully on board with this show until Season 2 – namely, that this season proceeds to develop basically all the characters in new and interesting ways, without forgetting what made the show work in the first place. Unlike Steven Universe, or even Princess Tutu, where the second season spent more time (at least initially) focusing on other characters while the protagonist stood on the sidelines, The Owl House is successfully developing Luz alongside Eda and Lilith, and even Hooty and King. Honestly, the two-storyline structure works better now that there are more characters to interact with.

Until next time…


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