This episode is just precious.

First of all, YAY CONNIE!  And Bismuth has also grown on me, puns and all.

They’re all heading out to a roller rink to have a little human engagement.

Pearl: I’m so excited for you to get out there and experience some interpersonal relationships with humans, Bismuth! Don’t be afraid to show off your gem! They’re going to love you for who you are.

Bismuth: I hope I can keep up.

Bismuth is ostensibly there to meet Pearl’s (human) fan club, while Steven and Connie just came to hang out (this IS the first time she’s shown up this season).

Bismuth: I don’t know about this, y’all. I’ve never skated before.

Steven: This is my first time skating.

Bismuth: How did you end up missing out on this popular human activity?

Steven: Well, with everything that’s happened since I got my powers, I’ve kind of missed out on a lot of human stuff. But hey, it can’t be that hard to skate, right?

Famous last words…but also, roller-skating isn’t exactly a universal childhood experience.

Then Connie runs into some friends from school, and Steven fails to connect with them.

Patricia: So what grade are you in, Steven?

Steven: Uh, grade? Ah…sixteen.

Daniel: So you’re taking…AP classes?

Steven: […] Ah, I really blew that one. Bet if they were enemy Gems we’d be best friends by now.

And then he fails at skating, because this boy just cannot catch a break.  I actually had roller blades to practice on at home, so I didn’t embarrass myself at the roller rink, but I had a similar experience to Steven’s when I tried ice skating (those skills don’t really transfer from one form of skating to another).

Pearl: Bismuth, you’re a natural! Now get this: when humans want to see each other again, they exchange “numbers”. You should try it! I’m sure you’ll have fun.

Bismuth: What are you talking about? I’m having fun already.

Bismuth is having a much easier time skating, but she might not be getting exactly what she came for…

Connie: Did you want to hang out? I don’t have to skate, you know.

Steven: No, no! You’re here to have fun. You’re so busy studying, you should get to be with your friends.

Connie: You’re my friend. We could sit and have some tater tots.

Steven: No, no, you should skate! I want you to skate.

Steven, this is the first time you’ve gotten to hang out with Connie this season, it’s okay to be a little selfish!  You need the chill time!

But instead Bismuth joins him on the sidelines for a bit, and they chat.

Steven: Bismuth, I think I’ve forgotten how to talk to humans. […]

Bismuth: What’s the deal? I thought you got along great with humans! What about Connie and Greg?

Steven: Greg’s my dad, he doesn’t count. And Connie…it’s fine when it’s just us, but I don’t know how to talk to her when she’s with her friends…you did fine making friends, right, Bismuth?

Bismuth: Oh yeah, uh, it was alright…

Steven: Alright? It was what you came for, wasn’t it? […] Wait, Pearl? Bismuth, you’re here for Pearl? Are you trying to hide it from her?

Bismuth: I just don’t want to take her away from what she’s got. She has her own thing going on. She’s like the Pearl I remember, but a little different. She’s happier. I just wanted to catch up.

Bismuth remembers her from before she was saddled with Rose’s secret, and now Pearl finally seems to be truly free.  Honestly, they do make a cute couple!

And then Bismuth turns on Steven and spurs him to action.

Steven: When Connie and I were fighting to save the universe, things were easier. We were fighting the same fight. Now, it’s like we’re living different lives. I wonder if I’m even her best friend anymore…

Bismuth: How long has this been going on?

Steven: Uh, a couple months.

Bismuth: Listen Steven, Pearl brought me here to set me up with her friends, but Connie came here to be with you. You’ve got nothing to mope about!

Steven: But her friends think I’m weird…

Bismuth: Of course you’re weird! You’re a Crystal Gem! Connie knows that. She’s always known that! That never stopped her from being friends.

Steven: You’re right. Connie knows who I am, she’s been my friend. She’s still my friend!

I’d say Steven and Connie need a serious Define The Relationship chat, but that’s next episode…

Instead, Bismuth just gives Steven a good shove in the right direction.

…He still falls on his face, but at least it’s in the right direction!

Steven: Connie, I’m sorry. I don’t want to hold you back.

Connie: I don’t mind.

Steven: You’ve got cram school, new friends…you’re going places, and I’m happy for you. But I feel like you’re drifting away from me. I wish we could reconnect, but…but I don’t know how to skate!

Connie: Skating is what you’re worried about? […] Come on. I have an idea.

Just YES.

They skate epically to a cute song courtesy of Emily King, who also sings the ending theme for Future, “Being Human”.

In the middle
 Of a day
 I call you over, but you always
 Used to tell me
 we should leave it
 up to fate.
 Now I know that
 I don't ever
 Have to wait
 Close my eyes
 Let down my hair
 I'm thinking bout what I want
 Gonna take me there
 Turn the dial
 on the stereo
 I'm thinking bout who I want
 And I won't let go
 You can't hold me now
 Only I can do that
 You can't hold me now
 Only I can do that
 You can't hold me now
 Hold me now, hold me now

They naturally win the informal skating contest because nothing is as cool as Stevonnie.


Daniel: What the heck was that out there?

Connie: Oh, fusion? Yeah, that’s kind of our thing.

Steven: It’s something I picked up from my mom’s side of the family.

Daniel: The only thing I get from my mom’s side of the family is stressed out.

Steven: Ha ha, same.

And then Steven uses the song request Stevonnie won to give Bismuth a shot at Pearl, playing “her song” (AKA a car repair shop ad with a catchy jingle).

Pearl: Bismuth! It’s my fave song!

TWO precious couples!

Until next time…

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