Sadie finally gets to sing her way, and it is amazing.

SU 135-1

Poor Sadie is slowly going insane, to begin with.

Steven: Um, you doing okay?

Sadie: Well, I worry about Lars being in space, and I hope he’s safe and all, but working all these shifts by myself has been a huge drag. I’m totally used to doing his work, but I’m used to at least having him here to talk to. Now I gotta do that myself, too. Oh, come on Sadie, you missed a spot! Oh no, sorry.

Steven’s been jamming with the Cool Kids lately, so he invites Sadie to sit in on their next “practice” (although they’re still figuring out what they actually want to do with the band at this point).  It’s a nice “normal” outlet for Steven, especially since Connie is still AWOL.

SU 135-2

Then Buck announces that he got their band a gig at a festival in a week.

Steven: We don’t even have a name yet!

Jenny: Or a setlist!

Sour Cream: Or even one single song to put on a setlist!

So they proceed to spend the rest of the evening trying to settle on a sound (or at least a theme/genre), and fail miserably.  Steven’s the only real singer, but the rest aren’t quite on board with his sweet sentimentalism; Buck wants something edgier and/or political, Jenny prefers more of a dance groove, and Sour Cream…just wants to show off his DJ skills?

Sadie shows up right when they’re ready to call it quits, but evidently they want her input, so they fit the next practice around her (very full) work schedule.

SU 135-3

Buck: We know how busy your schedule is, so we decided to bring the jam to you.

But they soon discover Sadie’s collection of vintage horror movies, despite her best efforts.

Jenny: Woah, scary movies! Sadie, you’ve got a dark side.

Sadie: More like a…dork side.

Why not both?

SU 135-4

Steven: Uh, guys? Don’t we need to find our sound?

Sour Cream: I kinda like this sound…

Thus they begin jamming on a riff of vintage horror (think Monster Mash, but actually spooky) and it is delightful.

And once the instrumentals are set up, Sadie’s so incredibly attuned that she just starts singing.

Tired, from work
Hate my job
I really oughta be in mourning
But I’ve got another shift this morning
Every day feels like it’s never ending
What’s the point of all this time I’m spending
here, at this dead-end job?
Oh, we are the working dead
And we lurch for minimum wage
But I’d really rather be
Eating your brain!

SU 135-6

I love how they look legitimately concerned about Sadie, because she practically IS a zombie now for all the sleep she’s been getting.

Look at you, you seem so bright and healthy
And your minds are full of joy and wonder
Stay a thousand miles from the condition
That I’ve got from all the stress I’m under
Don’t come near me or you might encourage
All these terrifying sudden urges
Seeing you makes skipping work so tempting
Don’t you know that in the night I’m temping
Here, at this dead-end job!

SU 135-7

YES.  Sadie ain’t no pop starlet – she’s a fish-murderer who doesn’t even lose her head when she gets abducted by aliens.

Oh, we are the working dead
And we lurch for minimum wage
But I’d really rather be
Eating your brain!

I love how the rhyme scheme is somewhat sporadic, giving the whole song a rather unsteady feel, like it could plunge into madness at any moment (if it hasn’t already).

SU 135-9

Buck: You’re not Sadie Miller – you’re Sadie Killer!

Jenny: This is it! This is our sound! Sadie, you should be our frontman!

Sadie: Really? I- wait, no, I can’t. I’ve gotta work tomorrow. And actually, you guys should probably pack up. I gotta get some rest before my shift.

So they part ways, but it’s only a matter of time before Steven shows up at the Big Donut asking for tips on being scary (because he IS their only other singer).

SU 135-10

Steven: We’ve been trying to write some more spooky songs without you, but they sound so phony coming from me. Rarr! I’m a bad, bad boy! Yeesh, I don’t know. I can’t do it like you. You got any tips?

Sadie: Let’s see. First, lose your youth to your boring job. Then, lose the only person you ever felt truly close to. And then, lose your mind working all his shifts.

Steven: I don’t think I can do all that before the show tomorrow. Are you sure you can’t come?

Sadie: I’m the only employee at the shop, I can’t just leave. Singing is fun, and being in the band would be really fun, like the most fun ever, but a lot of things could be a lot of things. This job is a drag, but at least I know it’s a drag, it’s normal. There’s something nice about that, you know? Hanging out, singing and stuff, it feels so not normal, it’s like…you ever feel so bad, that you feel good? Like when you get so cold that it burns. Sometimes, I just wanna scream my guts out – well no, not my guts, but whatever thing is squirming around in my guts!

I’m still not sure how old Sadie is supposed to be, but I think that’s kind of the point.  Judging from all indications, she’s probably still in her teens (but possibly graduated from high school?), but the main point is just that she comes across as older than she is, kinda like Adele (it’s still hard for me to believe she made all her music when she was younger than I am).  I tend to have the opposite problem – people still see me and think I’m a high schooler.

SU 135-11

Anyhow, they resign themselves to playing without Sadie’s manic energy.

Buck: Alright, Steven. You’re gonna have to up your scary game to fill Sadie’s shoes.

Steven: Got it! Rarr!

Buck: You can’t help being cute, no more than I can help being cool.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way…most of the time.

But right when they’re getting on the road for their first gig, Sadie manages to catch up with them.

SU 135-13

Sadie: I can do it! I can do the show! I can come!

Jenny: Alright!

Steven: Oh, thank goodness!

Sadie: And I can come to practice, and I can come to the next show, and the show after that!

Steven: But Sadie, don’t you have work?

Sadie: Heh. I quit!

SU 135-12

I get the feeling Lars was a big part of why she stayed at that job as long as she did, so as long as she’s financially stable, there’s really no reason to stick around anymore, and she might as well give music a shot.

I enjoyed how this episode used color to emphasize Sadie’s moods – usually she projects a sunny (yellow) facade, but her antics with the band brought out darker colors and corresponding moods – as well as a little red, because she’s finally able to express her frustrations and actual desires.  I look forward to more Sadie Killer.

Until next time…

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