Connie hangs out with Steven and proves that she has some talents of her own to bring to the table. Or the magical robot fight, as it were.

SU 17-1

It all starts when Steven decides to take Connie to a movie, Dogcopter 3.

Steven: Whoa…I can see why this is your favorite film franchise.

Connie: That’s right! In a world where humanity is pushed to the brink, it turns out that the one who’s the most human is a dog!-copter.

Connie is precious and Steven is precious and Connie and Steven together are precious.  Also Lion is an adorable contrarian floofball.

Connie: You have a pet lion?

Steven: Lion is sort of like a pet. He does his own thing most of the time, though. […]

Connie: Wow, Steven. Everything in your life is so awesome and magical. The most exciting thing in my life is tennis practice. Forehand! Backhand! Overhand Death Strike!

Steven: Whoa, tennis is rad!

Connie: Well, I made up that last one.

SU 17-2

Steven figures they can just ride to the movie theater on Lion, and while he does eventually consent to move, he takes them through a portal and into a “magical Gem place”, not the movies (because apparently he can just make portals. And walk on water. Because he is LION).

SU 17-3

Steven: Lion, normally I’m all about this stuff, but this is not the movies.

The story-gears in Connie’s head start turning, then she puts Steven’s hand on the pedestal (which just happens to have Rose’s crest on it, although I don’t think Connie knows its significance), and it starts to glow.

Connie: Hey, I think it likes you!

Steven: Ah! My hand’s stuck! It won’t come off!

Connie: Hang on! Man, that’s really stuck on good. I guess we’ll have to chop it off.

Steven: What? *swords appear*

Connie: Hey, swords!

Steven: No!

SU 17-4

The cave appears to be an armory, and between the crest and the presence of a few more Laser Light Cannons, it obviously belonged to Steven’s mom.  It also seems to respond to his wishes, or at least his commands (which are not always the same).

Connie: This is so great, but…I get the feeling, though, I’m not really supposed to be here.

Steven: I want you here! I mean, I don’t want you here. I guess Lion wants us here, but I want to be at the movies, and I want to see lots of explosions.

Well, it did release his hand…and a giant robot to provide some explosions.

SU 17-5

Lion finally takes them to the movies, but then Connie suggests they just forget about the movie.

Steven: Uh, I’m sorry. I ruined everything, didn’t I?  I don’t know why you hang out with me. I mess up stuff all the time.

Connie: I don’t know why you hang out with me! I’m so much more- less interesting than you! And obviously you have some sort of magical destiny…why would you even care about something like Dogcopter?

Steven: Why? Because it’s DOGCOPTER! He’s a dog! And a helicopter! And a cop! He shoots missiles out of his butt, and he’s gonna save the world! Dogcopter is very cool and important. To me.

Connie: Well I’m no Dogcopter…

Steven’s plans are frequently derailed by dangerous misadventures, and that’s clearly a big part of why Connie likes hanging out with him.  But Connie is way more awesome than she gives herself credit for – she’s clever, resourceful, and quick-thinking in a pinch. Which is a very good thing when the magical robot shows up again.

SU 17-6

Steven: Uh, this is weird, right? You have a sword in your head? Why didn’t you tell me you can do these things you do?

Steven doesn’t have a clue what to do with the sword (even if he had been paying attention to Pearl last episode, it’s a big two-handed sword, and he needs to hit something floating in the air).  Fortunately, Connie has an idea.

Connie: Forehand! Backhand!

Both: Overhand Death Strike!

SU 17-7

Connie: Just like tennis practice.

Steven: Magical destiny practice.

These two are too precious.

Connie is the first person to bring up a possible big “magical destiny” for Steven, which totally makes sense when a nerd meets a real live magical boy who seems to be a magnet for trouble and other magical beings.  I love how the show explores both of their feelings – the kid who always dreamed of adventure and suddenly landed in one, and the (potential) “chosen one” who only wants peace and a normal life, and they’re equally compelling characters!  Connie is motivated because she wants to make her mark on the world, while Steven just wants to protect the people he cares about (which, as we’ve previously established, is basically the whole town, if not the world).

SU 17-8

Until next time…

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