Now that we know everyone’s going to be (physically) alright, we’re free to turn to other matters. Like Kyo being an idiot.

FB 123-1

Grandpa: Oh…I almost forgot. Sorry, but does that orange-haired boy know about this?

Yuki: He’s…he’s just being an idiot. That idiot. There’s an emergency like this, and he chickens out. And he made her cry! It’s ridiculous, because he’s damn capable…more than anyone…more than me for sure…and yet…

FB 123-2

Everyone at the main house is worried about Tohru and it’s precious.  Meanwhile, Akito seems to be collecting her thoughts after her conversation with Tohru.

If only I could have lived my life without taking any wrong turns. If only we’d been born into a kind world without anxiety, without fear…if only we could live without hurting other people, and without being hurt…a world in which we always did what was right…if only we could have found a shortcut to the kind world we all hope for. “You’re wrong.” “You’re an idiot.” It’s so easy to say irresponsible things like that about other people’s lives.

FB 123-3

And Haru is around to do all of the above.  But once Yuki hears that Kyo is just sitting around brooding upstairs, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Yuki: I know he’s got his own pain to work through, and his own circumstances…stuff like that. But none of that matters right now…!

FB 123-4

Because the one thing he can’t forgive is some idiot hurting Tohru.

Yuki: Why didn’t you come to the hospital?…You’re an asshole. It’s not like you were busy. You’re just lounging around here.

Kyo: Say what you want…if I was there, I’d only hurt her. I can’t protect her. She would’ve been better off with you.

(remembering) Grandpa: I can imagine it must be frustrating. You should straighten him out.

FB 123-5

Thank you, Yuki.

Yuki: You “can’t protect her”…? You “can’t protect her”? What does that even mean…? Do you wish you could’ve been there to catch her when she fell off that cliff…? Would you be satisfied if you’d swooped in to rescue her mom before she got hit by a car…? That would’ve been amazing, huh? But who the hell do you think you are? Are you some kind of superhero…!? No, you’re just a dumb cat…!

Kyo: Shut the hell up! I didn’t say I wanted any of that! I know I’m not Mr. Perfect like you! If only I could be like you! I wanted to be you!

FB 123-6

Naturally, they proceed to beat the crap out of each other (Yuki gets all the hits, as usual, but at least Kyo’s trying now)

FB 123-7

Yuki: I’m the one! I’m the one who wanted to be just like you…! I admired you. I admired you so much! But you beat me to it! How can you say it just like that!? […] But in the end, you’re…you. And I’m me. All we can be is who we are. All we can do is accept ourselves, and own up to…our own…dammit, you were protecting her! You did a fine job of protecting her! I heard her before! She said you made her happy! And sure, maybe that isn’t much…maybe that isn’t like having super powers…but you were there, right beside her, always making Honda-san smile, weren’t you…!?

Nobody can prevent bad things from happening to the people they love, but as long as you keep loving them, you’ll help them through any adversity they encounter.

Yuki: Do you seriously think she’d be just as happy if it were me!? Get your head out of your ass! You need to realize there are some things only you can do! So quit making her cry! And get your act together!

FB 123-8

Are you just gonna stand around there, even after the great Yuki-sama you admire so much gave you a lecture like that…? You dumb cat…

At least those two finally got that out of their systems – it’s only been existing unaddressed for the entire manga. And so Kyo sets off to the hospital…

FB 123-9

Shigure: By the way, where’s Kyo-kun?

Yuki: Probably at the hospital.

Shigure: The hospital…? Visiting hours are long over...

Haru: Did you goad him into going knowing that…?

Yuki: Now why would I do that? But any normal person would realize that…that guy really is a dumbass. I hope Uotani-san and Hanajima-san give him holy hell

Shigure: That’s dark…is this the rise of Black Yuki-kun…?

FB 123-10

It would’ve been nice if we could have lived our lives without taking any wrong turns. But such a thing isn’t possible. We fall, we stumble, we lose our way, we make mistakes, and yet, little by little, one step at a time, we keep on walking forward with our own two feet. Even if we get beaten and bruised along the way, we’ll eventually reach something. We’ll eventually reach someone. Until then, we’ll keep wishing. So let’s start walking.

Until next time…


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