Rin’s finally safe (and on the same page as Haru for once), but she’s still desperate for answers.

FB 107-1Also she and Tohru have a beautiful friendship, which Haru approves of.  Rin is staying with Master-san for the time being, since she didn’t want to go back to the Sohma estate or stay in a hospital.  She apparently let Tohru believe that she had just been staying in a hospital “far away”.

Yuki: Akito had her locked up, didn’t he?

Haru: Cut her hair off too. But Rin doesn’t want Honda-san to know. She doesn’t want her to know any more than she has to. She doesn’t want me saying anything else to Akito either. She’s scared of getting mixed up with him again…I don’t want her to get involved with him either.

Yuki: I see…I’m impressed, Haru. You decided this all so quickly. You didn’t even leave me any time to cheer you on.

FB 107-2

They naturally mention the place Rin was held in: The Cat’s room.

Kazuma: I see…The place where Kyo is going to end up…

There’s something about the Cat that makes the Members of the Zodiac uncomfortable, and it’s been growing increasingly evident of late.

FB 107-3

Haru says goodbye to Rin and they are more adorable than ever.

Haru: Honda-san was really worried about you. More worried than most of the Sohma family. That’s awesome, Rin. Now you finally know the warmth of friendship…[…] Rin, don’t do anything reckless like that again. Not on your own. Whatever your reason is, don’t do it. Got it?

Evidently Haru believes that friendship is ~*~MAGIC~*~

Anyhow, Kyo and Tohru discuss Master-san’s new(ly permanent) houseguest.

Kyo: I guess this’ll liven up the joint, so maybe it’s a good thing? At least Master won’t get lonely down the line.

FB 107-4

Kyo’s graduation deadline is fast approaching, and Tohru is getting more and more anxious about it, even if Kyo’s resigned himself to his fate.

FB 107-5

Shigure: Well, that was an unmitigated disaster, wasn’t it? I heard a few things. Like how you not only didn’t find a way to break the curse, but ended up in captivity. You acted rashly, and paid the price.

Surprisingly, Shigure didn’t just come around to gloat (although he does assure Rin that Ren couldn’t possibly know anything about the Curse).  He seems to be in a charitable mood, so he offers a bit of information as a reward for all Rin’s seemingly pointless suffering.

Shigure: The Curse will eventually be lifted all on its own. So you don’t need to be so desperate. It’s already starting to fall apart. If you think about it, that promise is from a long, long time ago. The day we’ll be released is coming eventually. We’re the Members of the Zodiac who have been invited to the final banquet.

Tohru: When…is “eventually”? Are you talking a matter of years? Or decades? That’s…no good.

Rin: …? No good…? What do you mean? If this isn’t just a lie – if it’s true…[…] “Eventually,” “One day,” I don’t care! If it means the Curse will be broken, if it means we can be free, then that’s good enough for me! That’s way better than being stuck like this forever!

Tohru: But that’s not good enough…! It has to be by spring…the Curse has to be broken by next spring! It has to be! Because if it isn’t…Kyo-kun…!

FB 107-7

Rin is clearly surprised that Kyo was Tohru’s “reason” to want to break the Curse (Shigure is a little more inscrutable), even if it’s been obvious to the audience for a long time.  So now it’s Tohru’s turn to be desperate…

“At least Master won’t get lonely down the line.”

Was the rest of that thought, “Even if I’m not around”…? That’s so sad. Did he murmur those words unconsciously because he’s already mentally checked out? Is it because he’s decided to go away? It’s sad. It makes me sad. I’ll be lonely. Don’t go.

FB 107-6

Now if only those two would start communicating properly – one can only hope it won’t take a crisis like Rin’s for them to actually be honest with each other.

Until next time…

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