FB 106-1

I woke up in the hospital. What a horrible dream. I thought I was in there…the Cat’s room. A room so quiet it felt like it was at the world’s end. Was it a dream? Did I dream I was there? Or am I dreaming that I’m here now? I don’t know. I want to go home. I have to go home. Let’s go home. But where is home? Not here. Somewhere…

Rin is wandering away from the hospital in a daze, seeking a place to rest, a place to call home.

Meanwhile, Kureno gets chewed out by the head maid for daring to oppose Akito (and consequently making Akito sick with “grief”).

FB 106-2

Maid: What possessed you to do that? Didn’t you realize making off with that girl would constitute treachery in Akito-san’s eyes?

Kureno: …You knew what was going on…? […] Are you saying she should’ve been left in there?

Maid: If that was Akito’s will, then yes. […] The Members of the Zodiac were born and live for the sake of Akito-san, so this kind of treachery is unthinkable…just whose side are you on? Surely, you don’t think it best if that woman wins!? That wanton devil woman…! You forget your place, Kureno-san. You Members of the Zodiac exist for Akito-san’s sake! You are meant to live and die for him alone! Without Akito-san, you people would be monsters like that misbegotten Cat!

Well now we have some idea of how that Zodiac social hierarchy is enforced.  Also, Kyo seems to be as “bonded” with Akito as any of the proper Members of the Zodiac (even if Akito finds him disgusting), so how do they explain his monster form?  And what does that mean to the rest of the Zodiac?

Back with Rin, she was apparently so mad at Kureno (back when she saw how he made Tohru cry) that she chased him all the way back through the Sohma house…

FB 106-3

Ren: You’re a naughty girl, Isuzu-chan…

Ren manages to rope Rin into a scheme to steal a “treasure” from Akito, baiting her with information on breaking the curse.  

It didn’t turn out well.

FB 106-4

Oh. I see. I get it. Akito is like Mama when she gets mad.

Akito: I never want him to see your face ever again. So you can leave here, but if you do, then I’ll just have to gouge Hatsuharu’s eyes out. What would you prefer?

And to top it all off, Ren never had any leads on breaking the Curse in the first place, because of course.

FB 106-5

I wanted to dream about my sweet Haru comforting me. But even that didn’t work out.

FB 106-6

Rin: I’m sorry…I failed. I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t find the key to your happiness, Haru…forgive me.

Haru: Then your journey is over, Rin? […] In that case, welcome home. If your journey is over, I want you to come back to me. Cause if you don’t, I’ll be heartbroken.

Rin: […] What a wonderful dream…

Haru: This isn’t a dream.

FB 106-7

Rin: Haru, I can – I can walk on my own…

Haru: Nope. I’m still a punk kid…I didn’t realize how alone you were or the pain you were in, Rin. And maybe that means I’m totally worthless, but still, I’ve grown up some since then. Enough that I’m able to carry you myself, Rin. So I’m not gonna give up on you, Rin. In times when you can walk under your own power, go ahead. But when you can’t, let me carry you. I like carrying you. You’ve never been heavy. You’re not a burden at all.


FB 106-8

This is the end of a long journey.

They finally manage to communicate, and it is beautiful.

Until next time…

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