With summer vacation over, it’s time to transition back into routines, but they’ve all noticeably changed since we last saw them in school.

FB 66-1

And apparently awkward Aaya is officially part of the routine now (at least after Yuki’s run into Akito). Points for consistency, I guess.  Also, I love how he just stole one of Shigure’s robes.  Honestly, I love everything about Ayame, but I still totally get that he’d be a pain to live with.  While everyone else is dealing with Aaya, though, Tohru takes the opportunity to slip off and make an appointment to see someone…

At the start of this summer, I had a feeling that something would happen. That something would begin – and it came true. Something is happening in front of all of us. Something is starting to move. I’m sure of it…for me too. I have a new purpose in my heart.

FB 66-2

Kyo: Looks like you haven’t gotten any more feminine during the break…you might as well renounce your womanhood!

Arisa: Fine, that’s not a bad idea. Since I can’t even get one guy to look my way…

Arisa’s just a little hung up on Kureno (and no, Tohru hasn’t connected the dots between Kureno Sohma and Convenience Store Man yet).  Easily the biggest change in the class’s dynamic is Tohru and Kyo, though.

FB 66-3

I mean, I guess Tohru’s acting just about the same with him as she always has, but now Kyo’s starting to be super protective of her and it’s just precious.

But where did Yuki go? Off for student council shenanigans, that’s where!  Get used to Yuki being more involved with the Student Council than his classmates from here on out.  I totally understand why some people disliked the change, but suffice it to say that it’s still thematically relevant, even if it’s (usually) only tangentially related to the plot.


FB 66-4

Minami: Ah! It’s that girl! […] Rumor has it she uses her looks to deceive all the boys! She’s an evil witch!

Meet Kimi Toudou.  I love this girl even if she is a terrible person.  I can’t say if she alone managed to turn the tides against the Prince Yuki Fanclub, but she sure dealt it a savage blow.

Kimi: Ah-ha-ha-ha! What fun!

Yuki: It’s not nice to laugh at other people like that. Who are you? And what’s up with the strange nickname? […]

It’s nice to see Yuki taking a stand against bullying (even bullying against bullies).

Manabe: Oh! There he is! Yun-yun! Long time no see, Yun-yun! How was your summer vacation!? Fully satisfying, I hope!? Mine was a blast! Satisfying to the max! Dates galore!

Yuki: What’s with the “Yun-yun”?

Manabe:  Viva summer! I wish it was always summertime! In fact, why did school have to go and interrupt it!?

FB 66-5

Yuki: Hey, you over there, what’s with the “Yun-yun”? […] Why would my nickname be longer than my real name…?

Manabe: I see…I guess that is strange…Ah! You got me off track! I was looking for you, Yun-yun!

Kimi: Oh, that’s right! I was looking for you too, Yun-yun!

Yuki: (internally) Uh-oh…at this rate, it’ll stick. On top of that, I’d probably get used to it.

So the Student Council has finally been put together, consisting of Manabe, Kimi, Machi, and a first year named Naohito (but you’ll only remember him as Chibi-chan if you’re anything like me).  It looks like it’ll be all Yuki can do to keep them from fighting all the time, let alone get any actual Student Council stuff done.

Manabe: Leader! Please grace us with a few words!

Yuki: (internally) That’s right. I made a vow that day. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t run away again. (aloud) I’m the President, Yuki Sohma. I think all of the Student Council need to work together to get things done. I know that I have various shortcomings, but I won’t shirk my duties. So please, lend me your strength, everyone.

Manabe: You got it!

Of course Manabe immediately starts goofing off again, but I kind of think Yuki’s more at home with a little chaos.  Machi’s an easy character to overlook in this scene (and many future student council scenes), since she always seems to be off to the side and never speaks up unless it’s absolutely necessary.  She doesn’t seem like much of a presence, despite her introductory meltdown.

FB 66-6

So it turns out Tohru wanted to talk to Kazuma, which totally makes sense considering that he’s the only adult Sohma she knows who’s been forthcoming about important information.

Kazuma: There is more than one Sohma family grave, but my grandfather wasn’t allowed to be buried in any of them. That’s why it’s so far away. But I think it’s probably better this way. In the end, Grandfather was finally able to go “Outside.”

Tohru: […] But Kyo-kun is alive and living on the “Outside”, and yet, he’s going to be confined…is that really true? Master-san, do you know…do you know about the curse? Do you know of a way to break it?

Until next time…

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