FB 64-1

It’s been a precious time. It is for me, and for everyone else too, I think. For Yuki-kun, and Kyo-kun too. Something about Yuki-kun has changed since coming here. Something about Kyo-kun too. I’m sure it’s a very good thing. What about me…?

Things are much more comfortable all around now that Akito’s done torturing Kyo, but there’s not much time left to relax and enjoy the vacation.  They’re all supposed to leave soon, so they’re going out with a bang (that is, fireworks on the last night).

Kyo: I was wondering why all of you guys would fall in line and ditch Tohru to go see Akito, but now I get it. If you chose Tohru over Akito, then Akito would get pissed. It’d only make things worse. You guys, Yuki too…were protecting her from Akito, weren’t you?

Momiji: When you say it like that, it sounds like we were doing something heroic. But that’s not it. We…I’ve made a big mistake. Despite everything, I still wanted to make happy memories with Tohru. I’m selfish. I really love Tohru, and that’s selfish too.

Well at least there’s one person not suffering from emotional constipation here.  It would be really nice if Momiji didn’t think it selfish just to be happy with his loved ones, too, but oh well.

FB 64-2

I also want to do something. They’ve all given me so much, so if there’s anything I can do for them, if I’ve changed enough to do something…

FB 64-3

Shigure: So, I’m incredibly curious as to why you had Kureno-kun accompany you this time.

Well, it must really bother him if he’s actually stooping so low as to straight up ask Akito about it. All Akito says is that Kureno seemed a bit under the weather…

Akito: You’re not kind to me. Never. You’re not kind to me at all.

Shigure: What? Of course I am.

Akito: Be kinder! More, more! You used to be nicer to me! You used to look only at me!

FB 64-4

Shigure brings up “Ren-san” again, and it’s pretty clear that person represents a sore spot for Akito.  And that puts Akito in a supremely bad mood when he’s forced to go home all of a sudden in the middle of the night.  And he still wants to talk to Tohru before he leaves.

FB 64-5

Momiji manages to intercept Akito and tries to talk reasonably, but Akito is in no reasonable mood.

Momiji: Akito, right now, I can tell that you’re angry. And when you’re angry, you tend to take it out on other people. You shouldn’t…do that. Akito, what’s the matter? What are you so upset about? Has something happened?

Akito: “Has something happened”? Why…? What good would knowing that do you? You want to know more about me? You want to…understand me? Whatever for? You make me sick!  You? Understand me? You just want to look down on me! You just want to define me with your oh-so-superior logic!

Poor Momiji gets a punch in the face for trying to be mature.  It’s a wonder anyone in this family can function.

FB 64-6

This confrontation between Akito and Tohru is not nearly as emotional as Akito’s interrogation of Kyo last chapter, and I think there are two reasons why.  First, this has been a long time coming – we knew from the moment Akito decided to come to the summer house that this would have to happen.  Also, Akito lays out the stakes for Tohru, which is necessary for Tohru to really engage in the plot moving forward.  Second, the two of them are on a fairly level playing field.  While the members of the Zodiac each have some sort of toxic relationship with Akito, Tohru is neutral in that sense. Neither has any tangible power over the other.

FB 64-7

Akito: “Stop”? You’re giving me an order…that’s terrible. Awful. You’re a nasty person. But, Tohru? Tohru Honda. I’ve come here to see you. No matter how rude you are to me, there’s something I want to tell you. Don’t get conceited, you lowlife scum. If you think you can save Yuki and Kyo, you should be ashamed of that arrogance. I’ll share something with you. I’ll tell you something about Kyo. Once he finishes high school, he’s going to be locked away. Just like the previous Cat. Forever. Until he dies. As for Yuki, he’ll come back to the Sohma compound. He’ll be at my side. Everyone will. They’ll live…and die there. All the members of the Zodiac will be together. Living in the same place, at the same pace. They will take nothing, and nothing will be taken from them. Forever…their lives will never change. A future filled with happiness. A banquet without end. Nothing will ever change. And you are not invited!

FB 64-8

Until next time…

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