Tohru: What gives someone the strength to go on?

FB 30-1

This chapter is just precious.  Tohru gets sick, and we get to see all of the Sohmas pitch in after their own fashion to help her get better.  But it begins with Tohru getting very upset because she failed one of her exams, which may or may not have contributed to the fever.

Kyo: Y’know, you’re just going to end up with a fever at this…rate…? A fever!? Right after I warned you!? That’s dangerous! And weird!

Poor Kyo is so flustered, it’s adorable.

Shigure: Take the rest of the day off. That includes everything.

Tohru: Huh? B-but…

Shigure: Tohru-kun? Be the good girl I know you are and follow doctor’s orders. There’s my good girl.

It’s times like this when I remember that Shigure’s manipulative tendencies could actually be used for good.  She really does bring out the best in everyone.

Tohru: This is the worst timing to have a fever. I just keep getting more and more pathetic.

Kyo steps up and cooks dinner for Tohru (being the only other decent cook in the house), and then she starts crying and he agrees to stay and listen to her grievances.

Tohru: I want to keep my promise to my mom. But I failed part of the midterm. It’s just pathetic. I let Yuki-kun down too…and now I have a cold. I want to be someone who’s more level-headed.

Kyo: You done?

Tohru: I’m done.

Kyo: All you gotta do is get a decent grade on the makeup to wipe out that fail. As for yucky Yuki, who gives a crap? […] If you feel so guilty about catching that cold, hurry up and get over it. I wanna see you hanging around the house with your usual, goofy smile on your face! When you don’t, I don’t know…it’s like my schedule’s thrown off. So the least I can do is cook for you until you get back on your feet. For your part, quit worrying about every little thing.

Tohru: (internally) Oh, he’s trying to encourage me. I see.

FB 30-2

Kyo: You being level-headed would be kinda creepy.

Despite his flaws, Kyo seems to be the only person who can really communicate with Tohru on an emotional level.

Then Hatori comes in to offer his services as a doctor, and Momiji volunteers to take Tohru’s shift at work, and Yuki puts together a study guide for the makeup test, and Kisa comes around just to hang out and be adorable.

FB 30-3

Being able to think “I want to get well,” not for myself, but for the sake of other people, makes me feel so fortunate. For me, it’s always the people around me who give me the strength to go on.

Until next time…

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