As Tohru says goodbye to the Sohmas, she remembers a little game she once played in school: Fruits Basket. She was dubbed the “rice ball”, when you were supposed to have the name of a fruit.

Tohru: The “fun game” played out right in front of me, and I waited for Rice Ball to be called. I waited and waited…that’s right. Ever since I was little, I’ve never given things enough thought. After all, a rice ball could never be part of a fruits basket.

She’s always been just a little odd and a little slow, not realizing when she’s being teased or tricked.

FB 6-1

After she leaves, Yuki and Kyo separately ponder what Tohru means to them. Tohru, meanwhile, is struggling to feel at home with her aunt and cousins (read: they don’t like her).

Her aunt informs Tohru (and everyone else in the house) that she hired a detective and discovered Tohru’s seemingly sketchy living arrangements with three young men.

Cousin: Tohru-chan, with the men in that house…did you do anything indecent?

FB 6-2

Grandpa Honda to the rescue!

Grandpa: Don’t you people know how to do anything other than ridicule others? I apologize for this, Kyoko-san. Don’t take it personally. They’re just nasty by nature.

Recall that Kyoko was Tohru’s mom.

Grandpa: They’re my family and where I belong. If they say some things I don’t like, I can tolerate it. But there’s no reason you should have to live here and put up with their insults. […] Enduring unpleasantries isn’t like you, Kyoko-san. You would flourish more in a place where you can spread your wings. Katsuya [Tohru’s dad] was saying the same thing. I feel sorry for you having to stay in this house, Kyoko-san. So if there’s somewhere else you would like to go, feel free to leave.

Tohru: You feel sorry for me? But I really have nothing to complain about. Mom loved me so much, and I have two dear friends. I have so many blessings. (Internally) And yet…I want to go home […]. I didn’t expect to feel this lonely after leaving the Sohma house. […] The truth is, I didn’t want to leave there at all. (aloud) I wanted to stay. With Sohma-kun, Kyo-kun, and Shigure-san. I wanted to stay in that house.

FB 6-3

Yuki: I see. Then come back home.

And then Kyo comes in and fairly drags her out.

Kyo: If you didn’t want to leave us, you should’ve said so! […] We heard every word back there!… I think it’s okay to say what you want. If it’s, like, every single day a guy would blow his top, but in your case…once in a while, it’s okay to complain or speak your mind. You don’t always have to keep your chin up.

FB 6-4

Tohru: Home…I want to go home. I want to go home where all of you are.

FB 6-5This is the first time Tohru has really broken down (certainly the first time we’ve seen her cry in front of anyone else), and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Kyo draws it out of her.  Also, this is the first time Yuki and Kyo have really managed to cooperate on a something, which highlights another reason why I love this series: Rather than producing more tension between them, Yuki and Kyo are actually united by their love for Tohru.


I’m home, with my new family.

Until next time…

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