Episode 10: Cinderella

Once upon a time, there was a maiden. The maiden wore tattered clothes and was called Cinderella, but with the help of some magic, she became a beautiful princess and got to dance with the prince. Then at the stroke of midnight the maiden ran away, leaving a glass slipper, and she returned to being Cinderella once again. The prince went to great lengths to find this maiden, which he did, and took her as his wife. Yet a thorny question arises: Did the prince really fall in love with the maiden?

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Episode 8: The Warrior’s Fountain

Long ago, there was a warrior. In order to protect his friend, the warrior had to take his friend’s life. Long ago, there was a sword. This sword had continued to fight for peace, yet realized that to protect the peace, it had no choice but to kill the one who wielded it, and thus took its master’s life. The warrior and the sword had to do what they did, but was that really what they ought to have done?

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