Chapter 88: A Cinderella(ish) Story

The stage is set for Class 2-D’s play, but Yuki and the narrator seem to be the only people who care about fidelity to the source material (or telling a coherent narrative at all).

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Chapter 87: A Part to Play

Now that Yuki’s had a chance to air out his past (and confirm to the audience that his feelings for Tohru are purely platonic), we turn back to Kyo and Tohru, who are both kind of stressed out about the Cinderella play (amongst other things).

This is a rare occasion, so I hope we can put on a good show. Everyone’s working together. And we all owe a debt of gratitude to…

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Chapter 86: My Own Proof

In the beginning, she was just a classmate. Then she was the weird girl who lived in a tent. I invited her to live with us partially because she was in dire straits, but mostly because of some stupid spirit of defiance against the Sohma family and our curse. But something she said got to me.

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