You’ve done so much for me, Eda. Now I’m gonna do something for you.

Luz: The curse has been getting worse and you’ve been hiding it!

Eda: Ah, you’re right. It’s taking more elixir to turn me back, and more magic to keep the curse from rearing its feathery head.

Luz: What happens if you use your magic up? Do you- do you die?

Eda: No! Geez you’re morbid. I just kinda sorta turn into the Owlbeast. Forever.

Despite the curse looming over the proceedings, things take a surprisingly sweet turn when both Eda and Luz are determined to show how much they mean to each other. Sadly, Amity is still out of commission due to the leg injury from last episode, so she won’t be able to participate in the season finale.

But Lilith is determined to finally bring Eda in, and that throws a bit of a wrench into the proceedings. I mean, Hooty is a terrifyingly good guard of the house, but Luz is lured away by a magical healing hat that just so happens to reside in the Emperor’s castle…which Luz’s class just so happens to be going on a field trip to. If you think that’s a suspicious amount of coincidences piling up just when the Emperor is seemingly getting really serious about capturing Eda, you’re probably right!

Willow: We’re getting close to the castle. Emperor Belos built it as a symbol of unity. Before he came to power, folks were doing magic all wrong. He taught us that the only way to respect what the Titan gave us, is through joining covens.


Luz: So, Willow, would you say this Belos guy is like, powerful…?

Willow: No offense to Eda, but the Emperor is the most skilled witch that’s ever lived. He can even talk to the Titan.

If you’re wondering how anyone could talk to the being on whose remains the Boiling Isles were made, it’s a long and complicated story which doesn’t get resolved until the end of the series, but long story short, at least some part of the Titan is still alive, as indicated by the still-beating heart in Belos’ throne room.

Meanwhile, Lilith’s being chewed out after another failed attempt to capture Eda.

Belos: How’s the hunt for the Owl Lady? I heard you attempted a raid this morning.

Lilith: Yes, but we were-

Belos: Unsuccessful, that was obvious enough. It’s been a little over a month since you promised to bring me the Owl Lady, well where is she?

He gives her an ultimatum: Bring Eda in that day, or face expulsion from the coven (basically making her an outlaw just like Eda).

These are magical artifacts from the “savage years”, the period before Belos came to power 50 years ago (yes, his ascension was relatively recent, despite the vast overhaul of the magic system in the interim). Notably, everybody (except Eda, naturally), even Willow, uses similar language to describe both Belos (savior of the Isles) and the “dark ages” before him.

Anyhow, Gus and Willow help Luz “borrow” the magic hat.

Luz: Now we can cure Eda and get this hat back before anyone knows it’s gone.

Belos: I’ll know…

It’s unclear whether Belos is communicating directly with Luz or what, but the effects are immediate, as the room goes into lockdown mode, and Willow barely manages to keep a door open with a magic plant-growing gauntlet (as you do). But this also alerts Lilith to their presence…

Lilith: Why, if it isn’t Eda’s human pet. How perfect.

Luz: Stay back! If you touch us, Eda will come after you so fast-

Lilith: That’s the plan.

And to add insult to injury, Lilith even destroys the Healing Hat.

Luz: I needed that to heal your sister!

Lilith: These decrepit relics are useless.

It seemed that at least one of the relics (the plant gauntlet) did what it was supposed to, but evidently Lilith puts more faith in Belos than magic from the savage ages.

Then she sends Gus and Willow to deliver her ultimatum/ransom note/challenge to Eda.

She is not happy.

And thus commences a truly epic witch’s duel that makes their previous one pale in comparison. As always, I cannot do the fight scenes justice through still frames, so you’ll just have to watch it yourself.

Lilith: You can have her back, provided you do as I say. Renounce your wild ways and join the Emperor’s Coven. He can help heal your curse!

Eda: Don’t believe everything that bonehead tells you. He doesn’t want to heal me, he wants to control me!

I mean, given her current state in her battle with the curse, if she isn’t healed, she won’t be of much use to Belos anyway. But the question still remains as to whether he’s even capable of doing so.

Lilith: It’s sad to see you slowing down, sister. Tell me, is it the curse?

Eda: Maybe it is the curse. But then, how pathetic are you, that you can’t best me at my worst!

Lilith: Maybe you are stronger than me, but that made me work smarter. I became smart, crafty!

Eda: A lapdog for a tyrant!

Lilith: You always thought you were better than me, that I could never beat you in anything.

Eda: I am better than you!

Lilith: Then why were you so easy to curse?

Lilith tries to walk it back by saying that since she was the one who cursed Eda, she somehow knows how to heal it, but this mainly serves to make Eda even angrier.

Then she starts targeting Luz.

Luz: Eda, stop! You’ll run out of magic!

Eda: It’s my power, kid. And before you showed up, I spent my whole life wasting it.

Eda: Alright, kid, listen to me. I’m going away, and I don’t know if I can bounce back this time. Watch over King, remember to feed Hooty…

Luz: Please, no.

Eda: And Luz, thank you for being in my life.

this show…

And Lilith proceeds to capture her easily in her owlbeast form.

Luz: You monster!

Lilith: Leave, human! Edalyn is finally with her family, her real family. Go back to your world. This one is ours.


Until next time…


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