I’ve got a new crush, and her name is education!

This episode is mostly concerned with Luz preparing to go to Hexside, but also trying to impress the Amity.

Luz: This is great! Maybe we can even start an Azura club at school when we’re classmates.

Amity: When we’re what?

But they all inform her that she needs to know at least two spells to get into the same grade as Amity (and Gus and Willow), and she only knows the light spell at this point.

Luz: I need to know at least two spells to get into decent classes at Hexside! I can make light glyphs, but at the end of the day, that’s the only spell I know.

Eda: And whose fault is that?

Luz: Yours!

Eda: Ha! Yep, got me there.

Eda still lacks the appropriate sense of urgency, though, so Luz appeals to her baser instincts.

Luz: Come on, Eda! You’re the most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles! How would it look if your apprentice got thrown into the baby class?

Eda: Hm…weaponizing my pride. Well played.

Eda: The earliest witches came to the Knee to develop their magic, drawn to its natural power.

Luz is pretty excited about the field trip/magic boot camp, not least at the prospect of learning her second spell.

…but as fate would have it, Amity’s practicing in the same place.

Luz: Forget teaching me a spell, just make me disappear…

Because she lied to them about all the dangerous spells she was learning from Eda, since they seemed to take it as a given that Luz would surely know two spells.

So Luz gets distracted, and it doesn’t help that Eda’s strategies for helping Luz learn magic are a tad, shall we say, eccentric.

Eda: Hey, I know my lessons seem weird, but this is what wild magic is all about: Making a connection with nature. The earliest witches understood that. Human witches need to understand it, too. You want to learn a second spell?

Luz: With all my heart.

Eda: Then you have to learn from the island.

To be fair, Eda seems to be struggling to provide any sort of guidance…so when she leaves Luz alone to “connect with the island”, all Luz can think of is how embarrassing it would be to go to the baby class (it’s basically kindergarten).

Luz: If I want to be in the same class as Amity, I’m gonna need to learn magic like Amity.

So she takes Amity’s training wand (which appears to run on some kind of magic battery) and tries the same fire spell she’d been practicing (which was clearly a more advanced spell, not to mention dangerous). Eda chews her out as soon as she discovers it.

Eda: Hold it right there. What are you doing with that?

Luz: I’m doing magic. What would you have me do? Eat more snow? Lick a rock?

Eda: Okay, so maybe my methods are unique…but so is your magic! Connecting to the island can help you. That wand can’t.

It ends about as well as you’d expect when a kid is literally playing with fire.

That is to say, she angers a snow monster with a wayward blast, getting the chaperones all snatched away to the beast’s lair.

Luz: What do we do?

Amity: I am going after them. You are staying here.

Luz: But the beast has Eda!

Amity: And because of you, it also has my brother and sister! Now stay put. You’ll only get hurt.

Then she puts up a magical barrier around Luz.

But on the bright side, she finally has the opportunity to connect with the island without any distractions.

Luz: Stupid island! You were supposed to teach me magic. But I’ll never learn more than this [light spell].

Luz: Wait, is that – a light glyph? But what does that mean?

Luz: It means magic is a gift from the island. It means…magic is everywhere.

Then she proceeds to escape using the ice spell!

Luz: My second spell! Thank you, snow! Thank you, island! Thank you, Eda!

And naturally, she immediately goes to help with the rescue effort.

Eda: Kid, get out of here! I’m just gonna sneak away when the thing starts eating the twins.

So I guess I just forgot that Ed and Em actually ARE twins. I suppose it’s realistic that they don’t actually go around saying they’re twins, though.

Luz devises a plan using her new spell, and Amity seems to go along with it mainly for lack of a better plan. She draws the monster away, leaving Amity free to rescue the captives.

Em: Use that fire spell we taught you!

Amity: But, I can’t do it without the wand.

Em: Yes, you can. Just focus.

Em: Cool. I didn’t actually think you could do it.

No time like a life-or-death situation to believe in your little sister!

So Luz takes care of the beast using a giant ice glyph, or at least enough that Eda’s able to do a ringer and cast a sleep spell on it.

Amity: So, it looks like we’ll be in the same class.

Luz: Azura book club? Azura book club!

Amity: As long as it’s a secret club, okay?

Ed: It’s not a secret.

Em: We’re gonna tell everyone.

Eda: Alright, your adorable banter is literally making me sick.

And they come home to this.

Eda: What the heck did you two get into?

King: Excuse me, we’re having a moment here!

Hooty: You’ll never understand what we’ve been through together. Never! Never!

King: Moment ruined…

Hooty: I will be haunted by my actions forever, hoot hoot!

I could explain their subplot, but it’s honestly funnier without context.

Next time: The first day…


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