I love the feeling of victory! Feels…fluffy?

Eda’s curse is beginning to take hold again, and she discovers she’s out of elixirs and girl, SAME. I too inevitably get anxious when I’m out of anxiety meds, even when it’s just a matter of going to the pharmacy and picking up a refill. Sadly, that is not the case for Eda, as there’s no guarantee the shop will have it in stock (and even if it does, it’s not exactly covered by insurance). So getting her elixir will occupy her for the remainder of the episode.

Luz: What’s wrong? Who hurt my babies?

It turns out Amity’s gang is excluding Willow and Gus again, this time from a moonlight conjuring.

Luz: What’s a moonlight conjuring?

Willow: You spend the night at someone’s house, telling stories, playing games…

Luz: Like a slumber party! We have those!

Willow: Then you bring something to life with moon magic!

Luz: Like a weird slumber party!

When Luz discovers that three people are required for a moonlight conjuring, she declares that she’ll host one at the Owl House…but there’s still that little issue with Eda’s curse to sort out.

Eda gets a tip that someone at the Midnight Market might have her elixir, so she’s too concerned about that to pay much attention to Luz when she asks if she can have her friends over…or when she subsequently acts REALLY suspicious after Eda says no.

Luz: Welcome to the living room! We call it that because it’s technically living. The walls are breathing.

Luz is still trying her best to be responsible, even if she is having a party while Eda’s away and against her explicit wishes.

…but things swiftly get out of hand when they accidentally animate the whole house.

Hooty: By the power of moonlight I have risen, hoot hoot!

Despite the reference to Howl’s Moving Castle, the more obvious influence for this design is the hut of Baba Yaga, a witch from Russian folklore, which moved on hen’s legs.

Willow: We’re controlling it with the power of friendship! And the moon. Probably the moon.

Once again, Luz is trying to be responsible, but peer pressure. So they take the house out for a spin, and play a little prank on one of Amity’s groupies.

Gus: I’ve never pranked anyone before! And now I have a taste for it.

Willow: We should follow her to Amity’s house to show off our conjuring! That’ll show her who’s got no talent.

Luz: Actually, I’m starting to think we should head back…

But Amity must have been intentionally provoking Luz with that one, so she’s game to show up Amity, too…until they attract the attention of some demon hunters.

Luz: No me habla así [you don’t talk to me that way]! Willow! Will you help me out with Hooty?

Willow: I’m sorry, Luz. You shouldn’t ask me to help with anything.

Have I mentioned how I love it when Luz breaks into Spanish in emotional moments?

But Willow, on top of feeling responsible for getting them into this mess, is still grappling with her own perceived inadequacies. And then they get tossed off a cliff.

It’s not quite as bad as it could be, but still quite the uncomfortable predicament.

Willow: Luz, I’m so sorry. You wanted to turn back, but I just had to show off to Amity. The truth is, she and I used to be friends.

Luz: What?

Willow: We played together as kids, but when she got her magical powers and I didn’t, she stopped hanging out with me. […] I just wanted to prove to her that I was a powerful witch, too.

Luz: That’s ridiculous! You helped bring a house to life! Amity doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Next to Eda, you’re the most powerful witch I know.

Sometimes, it just takes a new voice (and a new friend) to encourage you and make you aware of talents you’ve always had. Just because Willow sucked at one kind of magic, she still believed them when they called her “half-a-witch Willow.”

She just needed some friends who believe in her!

Meanwhile, Eda’s in a bit of a bind.

But the day is saved when a certain walking house crushes the stand of her enemy.

Eda: Wait, was that my house?

The kids return the house to where it’s supposed to be and all is right with the world.

Luz: Sorry about all that, Hooty.

Hooty: It’s okay. I’m just glad I was included!

Eda: You are so busted! […] You held a moonlight conjuring!

Luz: I did!

Eda: And you animated my house – my house!

Eda: Well, you’re all guilty, so you’ll all be punished. By cleaning my house top to bottom. And another thing! That was totally amazing, and I’m so joining you for next year’s conjuring!

Well, they did sort of mess up the house, so the punishment fits the crime.

King: I can’t believe they animated a whole house.

Eda: Yeah, you’re right. That takes some powerful magic…

The implication is clearly that Luz must be a powerful witch, but it turns out that all three of them are very powerful in their own ways.

We delve into Amity…

…next time.


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