Magic isn’t proper! It’s wild and unpredictable, and that’s why it’s so beautiful!

Luz is beginning to have her doubts about Eda’s teaching methods.

Luz: What if we tried some new lessons for my witch apprenticeship? Like, read ancient scrolls, mix together potions, or…

Eda: That sounds like a bunch of magic school stuff.

Luz: Wait, is there a magic school here? Like, winding towers, cute uniforms, dark plots that threaten your life kind of magic school?

It turns out there is, but Eda has some pedagogical disagreements with them (and she ended up dropping out, which is no surprise).

Eda: Hey, here’s a lesson! A great witch is resourceful, like this!

Luz: Oh, hey. Greasy slimeball.

To be fair, Eda’s got to make a living somehow, and sometimes that has to come before teaching (putting food on the table is important, too!).

But, as Luz has no desire to mine a trash slug, she wanders off in search of something more interesting.

And she finds some witch drama!

Amity: Willow! Wow, you’re so unnoticeable I almost rolled into you. […] Shouldn’t you get to class early to prep your…oh, Willow. You don’t have anything to show, do you? This is why people call you half-a-witch Willow.

Amity: As top student, it’s my duty to tell you to keep at it. Even you could get a passing grade someday!

Willow is precious…but it turns out she’s not quite as helpless as she seems, because while she sucks at making “abominations,” she’s lethal with plant magic, which is how she ropes Luz in.

Willow: Oh, “See you in class, superstar.” I hate when she does that! I hate making abominations, I hate getting bad grades, ugh, I can’t stand this anymore!

Obviously, Luz is now intent on going to (or at the very least visiting) Magic School.

Luz: I wish I could spend one day there.

Willow: I wish I could get a passing grade for once. Then people would stop calling me half-a-witch Willow.

Luz: Hey, wait. I know how we can both get what we want. Make me your abomination! I’ll get you a good grade, and you’ll get me into magic school! It’s fiendishly clever.

Meanwhile, back at the Owl House, King and Eda are discussing Luz.

King: Lose apprentice, gain garbage eggs! Fair trade.

Eda: I didn’t lose anything!

King: If you don’t teach Luz right, you will!

King makes a fair point here (even if his thought was to make Luz his apprentice instead, which Luz wouldn’t actually want). Eda hasn’t taught Luz a single spell yet, so it makes sense that she would want to go somewhere that she can actually learn things.

Willow: Welcome to Hexside School of Magic and Demonics.

The writers are clearly leaning into the Hogwarts comparison (although that’s not the only magic school story that will be relevant).

Willow: He’s the president of the human appreciation society. Most witches wouldn’t be able to recognize a human right away, but Augustus is an expert.

Luz promptly dubs Augustus “Gus” (and he’s thrilled to have a human nickname).

Then Luz upholds her end of the deal by wowing her teacher, netting her an A+, and also earning the admiration of her schoolmates…all except Amity, who knows what a mess her abomination was half an hour ago.

Teacher: Wonderful work today, Willow. Looks like we have a new top student.

And then Amity sets out to prove that Willow cheated…because that’s exactly what she did! Even if her vendetta against Willow over an arbitrary badge is overkill, she has a right to be suspicious.

Amity: I saw that! Abominations don’t eat! I know you’re in there! You can’t hide from me! What are you? Who are you? I want answers!

But the teachers are on Willow’s side at this point, and Amity is clearly sore about the badge, so she’s sent to the principal’s office. Unfortunately, the principal here actually takes the students seriously, so he investigates Willow’s “abomination” personally.

So, Luz and Willow make a break for it.

Luz: This is all my fault, Willow. I just wanted to see what a real magic school was like.

Willow: Well, how do you like it?

Luz: It’s lovely, actually.

Willow: Oh, this is awful! I don’t know what to do! Amity’s right. I’m just half-a-witch Willow.

Luz: You’re full-witch Willow! And you’re great. And someone once told me, great witches are resourceful.

And, as it turns out, that greasy slimeball was actually a seed…

Willow: Thank goodness you had it on you.

Luz: Yeah. Thank goodness someone told me to hang onto it…

Even with magic, I imagine it’s quite a feat to make all that out of one seed.

Willow: Get out of here!

Luz: No! I’m not leaving you.

Willow: I may get detention, but you’ll get dissected! So go!

So Luz runs home to Eda like her friend’s lives depend on it.

Luz: Your lesson worked! Keeping junk in my pocket saved my life!

But she needn’t have bothered. Turns out Principal Bump is very fair, and he definitely knows talent when he sees it, so all he did to Willow was switch her to the plant magic track.

Gus and Willow offer to teach Luz the things they learn in school, but…

Gus: You’re kinda sorta…banned.

Eda: Ah, baby’s first wanted poster. Good job, kid. Looks like I taught you something after all.

Until next time…


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