“I’m not vain about it. How can I be, when I’m such a dunce at geometry?”

The new teacher, Miss Stacy, is all that Anne could wish for.

In the new teacher she found another true and helpful friend. Miss Stacy was a bright, sympathetic young woman with the happy gift of winning and holding the affections of her pupils and bringing out the best that was in them mentally and morally. Anne expanded like a flower under the wholesome influence and carried home to the admiring Matthew and the critical Marilla glowing accounts of school work and aims.

Anne’s accumulated quite a few mentors at this point, from Miss Stacy and Mrs. Allen to Marilla and even Mrs. Lynde. It’s just so wholesome to see her learn and grow from so many people.

Marilla is rather dubious about Miss Stacy’s methods, though. Between the daily exercises and regular field days, I imagine she just feels that the teacher is encouraging Anne’s impulses too much than’s good for her. And so Marilla is naturally against it when the whole class determines to get up a concert (a mix of dialogues and songs), fearing that Anne will just develop a fondness for “gadding about”.

But Mattew offers more than enough support to balance it out.

“Well now, I reckon it’s going to be a pretty good concert. And I expect you’ll do your part fine,” he said, smiling down into her eager, vivacious little face. Anne smiled back at him. Those two were the best of friends and Matthew thanked his stars many a time and oft that he had nothing to do with bringing her up. […] As it was, he was free to “spoil Anne” – Marilla’s phrasing – as much as he liked. But it was not such a bad arrangement after all; a little “appreciation” sometimes does quite as much good as all the conscientious “bringing up” in the world.

Next time: Matthew insists on puffed sleeves…

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