Be the Steven you want to see in the world.

At long last, Steven is finally learning to be at peace with himself, with the help of all his friends and family (and also an actual therapist).  Connie’s helping him plan a roadtrip so he can see the country and get out on his own and maybe figure out his life a bit.  But now his departure is imminent and he still hasn’t managed to break it to his Gem Moms yet…

So he makes some homemade Cookie Cats, and even Pearl ventures a nibble, and then they all break out into the Cookie Cat Rap and it is precious.

Cookie Cat!
He's a pet for your tummy!
Cookie Cat!
He's super duper yummy!
Cookie Cat!
He left his family behind.

Steven: That’s right, he did leave his family behind.

Amethyst: That’s not how it goes!

Steven: I think maybe Cookie Cat had run out of ways to grow on his home planet, and even though it must have been hard, and he loved his family so, so much, maybe he had to leave to keep moving forward. […] Everyone, I’ve decided to move out! Don’t worry about me, I have a very comprehensive plan to visit all 39 states before I decide what to do with my life. And I can still video chat my new therapist while I’m on the road! Do not try to talk me out of this!

Pearl: When are you leaving?

Steven: Uh, tomorrow.

Pearl: Oh, so soon. Well, all human adolescents need to seize their independence eventually. I’m so happy for you.

Amethyst: Yeah bud, I’ll miss ya. Peace!

Steven: You guys know I may never come back, right?

Garnet: We know, Steven. This’ll be an exciting new chapter in your life.

Naturally, he’s shocked (and slightly suspicious) at how well they seem to take the news, but it’s one big worry out of the way, so he proceeds to make the same announcement to the beta squad at Little Homeworld.

They take the news a bit harder (if more like you’d actually expect).

Peridot: Where am I going to find another Steven as good as you, huh? I like this one so much!

Steven: Here, I want you to have this.

Peridot: My very own Steven shirt?

Steven: Be the Steven you want to see in the world.

Words to live by!

He proceeds to give parting gifts to Lapis (an art set, including watercolors) and Bismuth (the old Crystal Gem banner).

Bismuth: If it wasn’t for you, none of us would be who we are today. You make me so proud to be a Crystal Gem!

Peridot: Why did you have to put it so well, Bismuth?

Lapis: I’m gonna use my tears to make a watercolor painting of you!

Even Jasper intercepts Steven and asks to go with him!

Steven: Jasper, I’m going alone.

Jasper: Then who will protect you?

Steven: I can protect myself.

Jasper: Ah, I know. Farewell, my Diamond!

Steven: Woah. Even Jasper’s more upset than my own family. Maybe I need a round two?

Somehow, this show even made me care about Jasper a little.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So he tries some sentimental parting gifts for his moms – Amethyst gets his gaming console (she claims she’s itching to delete his save files and beat all his high scores), and Pearl gets his ukulele (since he’s all grown up and playing guitar now).  But they still barely admit an interest in the fact that he’s leaving.

Steven: I’m here to give you a very important and sentimental gift because I’m leaving. Getting to plan Ruby and Sapphire’s wedding was so amazing, and I hope that one day, you can help me plan my own. 

Garnet: Thanks. I’ll take good care of it.

Steven: Okay, Garnet, level with me here. You used your future vision, saw that everything would be fine, and told the Gems not to worry about me. That’s it, right?

Garnet: Steven, I don’t need future vision to know that you’re gonna be fine. Besides, part of the fun of leaving is figuring it out on your own.

I notice she doesn’t actually deny his accusation…

Steven:  Well, I told the Gems I’m leaving, but I don’t think they’re even sad about it.

Greg: Isn’t that a good thing?

Steven: I guess I wanted them to be at least a little upset. Is that petty?

Greg: You’re allowed to have feelings, even petty ones. They love you, kiddo. They’re probably just trying to be supportive.

Thus he leaves one final parting gift: He gives his “room” to his dad.

Greg: You know, you heading off, and me settling down, it makes a kind of karmic sense I just can’t resist.

I might’ve complained that Steven should run this by the Gems first, but his dad is honestly getting too old to live in a van by now, and at least he’s on good terms with the three of them at this point.

These two are just adorable.

But the Gems still refuse to shed a tear as he drives away, and Steven just can’t stand it anymore, so he turns back around.

Steven: What’s wrong with you guys? Aren’t you sad that I’m leaving?

Amethyst: Aw man I can’t take this anymore!

Garnet: We were trying to be strong for you. Pearl agrees.

Steven: You guys!

And then they hug and my tears started, too, because THIS SHOW.

Amethyst: I was kidding, man! I’m never gonna delete your save files!

Pearl: Ah, I love that ukulele! I’ll never play anything else!

Garnet: I’d be overjoyed to plan your wedding! In fact, I’ve already planned over 363 versions of it.

Steven: Why didn’t you guys just tell me all of this?

Garnet: I’m sorry, Steven. I couldn’t resist looking into your future. I peeked. And I saw a possibility that our tears would keep you from leaving.

Amethyst: We didn’t want to hold you back!

Garnet: But I also saw many paths ahead of you, and we are a part of all of them. Wherever you end up, we will visit you to talk, to listen, to be there, whenever you need us. We love you, Steven.

Steven: I love you, too.

That was just the perfect ending to this show.  It’s far from the end for Steven – his life is still beginning – but all of the important loose ends (and many unimportant ones) are tied up.  I wouldn’t be opposed to more Steven Universe somewhere down the line, but for now, it’s enough just knowing that he’s living and loving.  It’s both an ending and a beginning.

Just a little time
Just a little something that I need
Just a little time
Just a little feeling gaining speed I'm dreaming of
Going somewhere else
Being human

Until next time…

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