Steven, when will you learn not to get involved in your friends’ love lives?

This is the first time Future has really stopped to contemplate the human(ish) elements of its cast, and they all seem to be doing pretty well, even if they’re not exactly where Steven (or the audience) expected them to be.

Lars: So, how’s stuff going with Shep?

Sadie: Great! They’re so cool. I can’t believe we’ve been dating for almost two months now. Everything just feels so…easy.

Lars: That’s…awesome. Say hi to them for me.

It’s interesting how their relationship has kind of flipped – initially, Sadie was the one that really wanted a relationship with Lars, but now that she’s finally getting herself out there with her band, she found someone else and Lars is left to pine (but only a little).

Lars: Shep is Sadie’s new partner. They met while she was on tour with the Suspects. It’s cool.

Steven: Is it?

Lars: Yes it is. Besides, I’m leaving anyway. Now that the Off-colors are done with school, we’re gonna head back into space!

Steven: But what about the shop?

Lars: I asked Bluelace to take over – I’m ready to move on. You get it, right? You’re finished setting up the school, don’t you want to try something new?

Steven clearly hadn’t thought that far ahead yet, either in terms of where Lars is heading or where he himself might be heading.

Steven: We’re all proud to see our graduates evolve and be there for each other as everyone moves on to bigger and better things, and new and exciting places. Well, except for me. I’ll still be right here…

Yeah, Lars’ question made more of an impact than expected…so instead of trying to resolve his own issues, naturally he starts trying to sniff out problems he can fix for his friends!

By which I mean he attempts to insert himself in Sadie’s budding relationship.

Steven: So, you and Sadie have been dating for almost two months.

Shep: That is true.

Steven: You know, a lot of people say you don’t really know someone until you’ve been stranded on an island with them.

Shep: What? People say that?

She is really never going to live that down…

But we get to catch up with the other Suspects, too: Sour Cream is actually starting to make a career as a DJ, Jenny is starting an online business making “jackets for phones”, and Buck is entering medical school.

Steven: How are you gonna find the time?

Jenny: Well, I’m gonna have plenty of time now that the Suspects are breaking up.

Steven: What?

Jenny: Did Sadie not tell you?

It seems that what with everyone else finding their own careers to pursue, Sadie decided to switch from indie rock to new age indie with just her and Shep.  And Steven feels more than the normal betrayal of a fan whose favorite band is breaking up because, y’know, he was so involved in bringing the band together in the first place.

The new sound is way different, but that’s mostly because Sadie is different.  When she was younger, she needed an outlet for all the negative feelings she kept bottled up, but now she’s pretty stable and open about her feelings – and honestly, the same could be said for Lars.

Lars: I think I’m gonna bounce. I just wanted to be here for the crew. These big parties aren’t really my thing.

Steven: But you’re leaving the planet tomorrow, aren’t you? When am I going to see you again?

Lars: Dude, you can visit me whenever. I’m like your magic portal, remember?

Steven: Wait, don’t go yet!

Lars: It’s been real, Steven.

Steven: Lars, stop!

Then his powers start acting up for some reason…

Steven: I think this dome activated as a reaction to some powerful feelings someone here has been bottling up. And I guess we all know who that is…Lars!

Lars: What are you talking about?

Steven: We won’t be able to leave until you work out your feelings toward Sadie! You guys haven’t even talked since you got back!

Sadie: We did, though. Look, Steven. The two of us tried to reconnect a few times, but we both just grew apart.

Lars: Sadie knows I miss her, but she knows how happy I am that she found someone better for her.

They’re all grown up now!  This is what you call an amicable break up.

Steven: But when did this happen? I didn’t see any of this!

Sadie: That’s because it was private.

Steven: But I thought you were only leaving because you were jealous of Shep!

Lars: I’m leaving because I like being in space! There are still adventures waiting for us out there. We can take what we’ve learned to other planets!

Steven: But if there’s nothing to work out…is it getting claustrophobic in here, or is it just me?

Lars and Sadie are finally moving forward with their own lives, and that’s great!  But Steven’s still a little lost himself, hence why he’s projecting issues onto his friends.  And why his pink dome is starting close in around them all.

Shep: Your magic’s all about your feelings, right? I don’t know, it just seems like you’re sad about all your friends drifting away, so you trapped us all in this dome to keep us from leaving.

Steven: I don’t see the connection.

Shep: Maybe you’re trying to figure yourself out right now, and you want your friends around to help you through it.

Steven: It’s just, I’ve always been trying to help my friends, I don’t know who I am without them.

Sadie: Steven, you’re great! But you need to let us live our own lives.

Shep: If you don’t give people room to grow, you’ll suffocate them. In this case, literally.

Steven: I know! I don’t want to hold any of you back, I just can’t help it if my dumb heart misses you guys.

Jenny: Aw, Steven!

Sadie: We’ll still be your friends.

Lars: Even if we’re lightyears away.

These guys are great…but at the end of the day, Steven’s still trying to figure his life out, which makes it that much harder to see them all seemingly knowing where they’re headed already.

Steven: Lars, I’m really sorry…

Lars: Yeah…I guess it’s kind of cute how bad you don’t want me to leave.

Steven: Of course I don’t want you to leave! […] It’s just…for a second, we were all home together again. I don’t think I like graduations. Maybe I should quit running Little Homeschool.

On the one hand, I guess it’s good that he came to a decision, but on the other hand, suddenly quitting a vocation like that is not generally great for your mental health…

It's hard to live your life in stride
 When you feel the way I always used to feel inside
 Now it's so easy that it's strange
 I'm a person and the person that I am can change
 I'm looking forward, I'm looking forward
 I'm looking forward now
 I'm looking forward, I'm looking forward
 I'm looking forward now

Looking forward to next time…

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