Once again, we stop to consider how Steven’s adventures are affecting the ordinary people of Beach City.

For as much as Steven claims that “everybody misses Lars”, it’s not hard to see that most people just miss the Big Donut, since it more or less closed after Sadie quit.

Ronaldo: Oh, come on! Are they still not open? I know Sadie quit a while ago, but why the heck isn’t Lars here to pick up the slack?

Steven: Uh, Ronaldo, Lars is in space.

Ronaldo: Ha! Good one, Steven! I needed that…you’re serious?

Steven: Don’t you remember when everyone in town was abducted by Gems? Mayor Dewey had to give all those speeches about it?

Ronaldo: Do you believe everything the government tells you?

Steven: I’m the one who told the government.

Ronaldo: Wait, what? So that means…so Lars is really in space? Is he in danger? Surrounded by aliens?

Steven: All of the above.

Ronaldo: This is a nightmare…I’m the one who should be in space! Why does Lars get to be whisked away into the infinite cosmos, on an adventure of a lifetime? It’s so ironic it hurts my soul!

The lack of donuts is a sad state of affairs, but in light of the recent crises, Nanefua decides to actually involve the Crystal Gems in the town’s efforts to prevent/manage future catastrophes.

Pearl: As soon as we know of any impending danger, I can give everyone a call on my cellular phone!

Kiki: It might be easier if you just sent out a mass text.

Pearl: What number do I call for mass text?

Kiki: Pearl, is this your first cell phone?

Pearl: Maybe…

She’s just so proud of herself and it’s kind of adorable.

Nanefua: This is beautiful! Ronaldo, great! You’re on lookout duty. Kiki, Pearl, you are in charge of communication. Steven, Garnet, you cover rations. And Jenny and I will spread the word about the plan! Now everyone is helping to make our town safe.

Not-Mayor Dewey: Everyone…except me.

Dewey spends the entire episode popping up in random places to make things awkward, cause what else does he have to do?

The next portion of the episode consists of some rapid-fire comic vignettes which serve to remind the audience of what’s been changing over the past season or so, like how Peridot has now officially moved to the Temple.

Steven: I like your super cool truck, Peedee. I love the giant potato on the top.

Peedee: Oh, thanks! It actually used to be the Mayormobile. I just painted over Mayor Dewey’s head. It’s a good thing that his head was so big and lumpy! Yeah, the new City Board practically just gave it to me, too. It’s like they want nothing to do with it anymore. Everything’s been pretty great for me since Nanefua became mayor.

And of course Dewey just happens to show up and make things awkward again.

Dewey: You know, Universe, seeing my old Mayormobile turned into a giant potato made me realize that nothing’s like it used to be. My old life, my old town, my old citizens? They’ve all changed. They’ve all outgrown me, I suppose.

Steven: Well of course everyone’s changing! Nothing can stay the same forever.

The town (and its people) has changed a lot since the story began, and for the most part those changes have been positive!  That’s one nice thing about this show – even the seemingly trivial episodes can have lasting impacts, if only with the characterization of one minor character.

But then Steven finally puts two and two together.

Steven: And so, Mayor Dewey started working at the Big Donut! […] The whole thing filled Mayor Dewey with a sense of purpose! He’s really changing things up, too. Well, not really, but he is naming all the donuts after himself.

Then Steven wraps up the letter by saying that he created a pink donut and named it after Lars, which Lars himself seems to take as the thoughtful gesture Steven intended rather than complaining about how lame it is, which just goes to show how much he’s changed for the better.

Lars: I appreciate the letter, but why’d you write this if you were just gonna tell me in person, anyway?

Turns out the Stevenarration was actually Steven reading his letter aloud!

Lars: You realize I don’t know who half of these people are. Like, who the heck is Peridot?

Steven: Someone who misses you every day…I think. You know what, you haven’t met before! I’ll have to introduce you when you get back to Earth.

Lars: Huh. Thanks for the letter, Steven.

Until next time…


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