This episode is primarily concerned with puzzling out what exactly just happened to Lars.

SU 130-1

Lars: What the heck just happened?

Steven: Lars! You saved us! You stopped the robonoids, but-but one of them exploded and you weren’t moving and I started crying- I brought you back to life! It was an accident – I mean, I probably would’ve done it on purpose if I’d known I could do that, but I didn’t really ask your permission, so I’m sorry.

Lars: Back to life? So I was…away from life? I’m pink!

Steven: I know! Do you feel okay?

Lars: I don’t really know…

Steven: But your body, are you sore?

Lars: No.

Steven: Are you tired?

Lars: No.

Steven: Do you feel good?

Lars: No!

Steven: Do you feel bad?

Lars: No! I guess I just feel really freaked out?

Steven: Well I am too, so at least we’re on the same page here.

SU 130-2

They’re briefly distracted by more robots, but they manage to throw them off by blocking the entrance.

This does, however, remind them of the urgency of the situation.

Steven: As long as I’m here, they’re going to keep coming after us.

Rhodonite: It’s true. This was a horrible plan!

Steven: Should we try to find a new hiding spot?

Rhodonite: No no! If we leave this cavern, we’ll be completely exposed!

Fluorite: But if we stay here, they’ll find us for sure.

Rutile: So we either stay here and get caught…

Rutile: Or go out there and get caught.

Lars: So wait, am I a zombie now?

Priorities!  Existential crises before plans!

Steven maintains that he is not a zombie because he can talk, even if he lacks a heartbeat.  The truly important discovery, however, is that Lars now possesses magic hair.

Steven: Lars, I think I know what this is! There’s something I can try- but no. You don’t want me going in your head.

Lars: You’re going to- possess me again?

Steven: No, it would be more literal.

Lars: Then what is it?

Steven: Forget it.

Lars: Look Steven, I’m not gonna get mad, okay? I trust you, just help me out here. If I’ve got magic hair now, I wanna know.

Yeah, it’s kind of late to be having moral qualms about consent after you’ve already accidentally turned him into a pink zombie.

SU 130-3

So he jumps into Lars’ hair and finds this familiar scene…

SU 130-4

Lion’s faces are the best.

Steven: I’m home. I’m home! Guys? Where are they?

The Temple appears otherwise empty, so the first thing Steven does is drink a couple glasses of water and make a sandwich.

Steven: Life is beautiful!

It’s wonderful how much happiness can be packed into the simple act of eating a sandwich.

SU 130-5

Steven: I wish I could tell everyone I’m okay…oh Lion. So you were…gosh, there’s so much I wanna ask you. If only you could talk!

It would appear that he’s the last survivor of Rose’s pride of lions – presumably because he was the first to die.  And that also means he was probably all alone for centuries.

SU 130-6

So he returns with food, and with news of his discovery.

Steven: I just traveled back to Earth through Lars’ head!

SU 130-10

He promptly offers Lars a sandwich, but he responds that he isn’t hungry.

Steven: But you haven’t eaten in days.

Lars: I know. There must be pink magic in my guts now or something.

But the magical hair portal to Earth doesn’t have quite the impact Steven wished for on the Off-colors, who are under the impression that the Earth was decimated by the Diamonds’ attack.

Steven: It’s not like that. The Diamonds did attack, but there are still Gems living on Earth, and the planet’s full of life! […]

Rhodonite: But why would Gems still live there?

Steven: Because the Earth is a place where we can be ourselves. We can live freely without having to hide who we are.

Rutile: Live freely?

Rutile: Without having to hide?

Fluorite: That sounds wonderful!

Steven: It is! And now that we have this portal, we can all go there!

Lars: All? How am I supposed to go through my own head?

SU 130-11

Steven tries pulling Lars in, but it’s immediately apparent that a doorway can’t enter its own door.

Lars: Look, I get it. Everyone just go and I’ll stay here. There’s no other way out, I’m it. The Earth is way better than this! There’s no robots flying around, just seagulls that fly in front of the sunset and it’s beautiful, you’ll see! I took it for granted, so don’t pass up this chance.

But he underestimates the loyalty of this band of misfits and it is precious.

Fluorite: We won’t do it. Not if it means leaving you behind.

Lars: What? I’m trying to perform a beautiful act over here!

Fluorite: We know this planet. We’ve been hiding in these tunnels for eons. You’ll need us to help you get around. Besides, us off-colors stick together.

Rutile: We’ll get to Earth another way.

Rutile: We’ll find an alternate route.

Lars: But you’ve gotta go back!

Steven: But it doesn’t feel right to just leave you here!

Lars: You said yourself that everyone on this planet is out to get you! You won’t be safe until you’re back on Earth. […] Don’t argue with me! You’re always trying to help me! You brought me back to life. Just let me be somebody who deserved it.

SU 130-7

Steven won’t be safe as long as he’s on Homeworld, and the Off-colors won’t be safe as long as he’s with them – but Lars is all but invincible now, and as long as he has his people, I think he’ll be just fine.

Steven: Be careful, okay?

Fluorite: We will.

Padparadscha: We can’t leave without Lars!

Rhodonite: We’ll see you on Earth, I hope. No no no! We will!

Padparadscha is a whole mood and I have been there before.

SU 130-9

Steven: I’m back!

Until next time…

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