We finally learn why Sadie is so hopelessly stuck on Lars.  And just how much of a jerk he can be.

SU 21-1

It all begins with Steven running into the Big Donut and making a mess (evidently a common occurrence), causing Lars to slip and fall.

Lars: Oh! It hurts! So much!

Sadie: Maybe you should take the day off.

Lars: Okay! You gonna be fine on your own?

Sadie: Well, I guess so, but-

Lars: You’re the best, Player Two!

And this is why no real business is left to be run by teenagers unsupervised: Anyone not in love with him (besides Steven) could see that he’s faking it, or at least would take the time to check first.

But Steven takes the opportunity to help Sadie out at the Big Donut.

SU 21-3

I’ve got to say, I wish more corporations would go the musical route for health and safety videos!

Steven: I know we both love Lars, but this job is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and we should fire Lars.

Sadie: We can’t “fire Lars”.

Steven: Why not?

Sadie: Well, you know, he may do things like come in late and leave me all the really hard work, but…Look, I like Lars! He’s a nice guy…once you get to know him.

Evidently, she thinks she “got to know Lars” because after she stood in line to buy a brand new video game for him, he invited her to play it with him and they ended up playing all night.  Honestly, the only “nice” or “thoughtful” thing he did was clean up his room a little (which I imagine he’d have done for any visitor) and bring some oyster crackers, which is apparently Sadie’s favorite snack.  I’m not convinced yet, but Steven suggests they do something nice for poor injured Lars.

SU 21-4

Jenny: Hey Lars, thanks for inviting us over.

Lars: It’s no problem, cause I got the whole day off by faking a severe back injury!

Behold, Lars at his most punchable.

SU 21-5

Steven: Don’t worry! We can handle the Big Donut. Who needs crummy old Lars?

Sadie: Steven! He’s made a fool of me…idiot. He’s burned me before. Just once, I’d like to burn him back!

Steven: I know how to burn people!

Lars has been using Sadie horribly, although to be fair, I highly doubt he suspects that she’s in love with him; he probably doesn’t think anyone would care about him that much.  But I am still all for burning him, if firing isn’t an option.

Steven: It’s just a little fire salt. I was going to prank Lars.

Sadie: He did really hurt my feelings. A little. But what kind of person does that make you if you try to hurt him back?

Steven: A hero?

SU 21-6

Somehow the sight of his face and the sound of his lies/excuses convinces Sadie to go through with the (possibly magical) fire salt prank.

Lars: I know I can count on you to help, P2.

Sadie: Sure. Just relax. In fact, why don’t you have a donut?

SU 21-8

It is pretty cathartic to see Lars burn. Just don’t try this at home. Any of it.

Amethyst: Why’s Donut Guy breathing fire?

Steven: I tried to prank Lars, but I used too much fire salt!

Amethyst: Steven…that’s hilarious.

Lars: You did this to me?

Sadie: It wasn’t Steven. It was me.

SU 21-9

Sadie: After all I do for you, you lie to me, so you can sneak off with some other girl? […] That night we played video games…I don’t know what it meant to you, but ever since then, I can’t get the thought out of my head that you’re a good person. That night, I really thought…”Player Two”. Is that just your way of saying I could’ve been anyone?

Whether it was right or not, at least Sadie finally got a chance to say what she felt and remind Lars that she’s a human being who has her limits.  I’m still not sure if I could call him a “good person”, but he’s not heartless, either, just selfish and often careless.

Sadie: I’m not apologizing.

Lars: No! I want to help! But I get it if you want to be alone.

Sadie: Oh, no no no! Stay. I mean, you can help.

Until next time…

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