Kyo and Tohru are planning for the future, but first they need to make peace with the past.

FB 135-1

Kyo: Master has an acquaintance who has a dojo far, far away from here. I could work and learn there at the same time. So then someday, when I inherit Master’s dojo, I’ll be able to use what I learned. That would really help, I think. Getting more life experience in the outside world. Both the good and the bad…I know that sounds a bit childish. And I know it’s selfish, wanting to take you away from all the people who love you. I know that. But I can’t keep lying to myself anymo-

FB 135-2

Tohru: Yes. There’s no need for you to deceive yourself…Master-san was pleased, wasn’t he? When you asked him about this. […] This may sound conceited, but I think I also understand that feeling. (internally) When Kyo-kun talks about “the future”, when he shows such a strong desire to live…(aloud) And it makes me happy. That’s why we’ll both go. Together…!

These two are adorable, and it’s great that they’re finally able to communicate unreservedly!

Tohru: I made up my own mind. That’s why I want to tell you one more thing. Mom doesn’t hold a grudge against you, Kyo-kun. Even if she really did say she would never forgive you, I’m sure it wasn’t out of hatred. I’m positive about that. I’m absolutely positive. So this is me, standing my ground. I’m staying with you, Kyo-kun. We’ll go together. It’s true, leaving everyone will be quite sad. But if you left me behind, Kyo-kun, that would be so much worse. I want to always be by your side. I don’t want to be separated from you. I don’t want to sit here waiting for you. So please – take me with you.

Tohru’s devotion alone is enough to make me cry.  But it gets better(/worse).

FB 135-3

Kyo: Thank you…I’ll take her with me. That’s okay, right? I promise to protect her. It took me way too long, but I’ll protect her for the rest of my life…That works, right?

FB 135-4

…No, stop! Oh no. What should I do? This is pretty bad, isn’t it? I mean, I can’t hear anything. I can’t even feel any pain. I’m both warm and cold all at once. Why is it so dark? Why is it so quiet!? Hey! Somebody explain! C’mon, this can’t be happening, right? […] Tohru – I think I’m dying.

FB 135-5

So now we’re back at the event that kicked off Tohru’s journey – her mother’s death.

FB 135-6

What should I do? I hate this. I don’t want to die like this. I don’t want to die! Tohru…she’ll be all on her own. I can’t leave her. We can’t part like this. What’s going to happen to her if I’m not there? She just started high school…she’s still a child. She…she’s still…Katsuya. I understand now. Leaving someone behind, being left behind…both of them are heartbreaking, aren’t they? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Tohru. You at least knew I loved you, right? Tohru…I wanted to love you even more. Hey…somebody…anybody, please…protect that girl. She’s not very good at crying for herself, but even so, if she does cry, you have to stay with her. Somebody, please…hey, somebody…She’s my treasure. Protect her…somebody…anybody…

FB 135-7

Kyoko: (internally) Please…even if you’ve forgotten all about me…if you meet her, please remember. The next time she gets lost, I want you to find her. Please…even just once would be fine…(aloud) You…(internally) You have to keep your promise, or…(aloud) I’ll never forgive you…(internally) Please…please…I’m begging you…please do what I can’t any longer…protect her!

Looks like Kyo did a pretty good job protecting Tohru after all.

Looks like this is goodbye. Please…let Tohru have a happy life. Please let her be loved by many people. Even if she gets lost, even if she makes mistakes, in the end, let her have a life she can be proud of. The kind of life that’ll make people say, “You did your best.” Joyous times, sad times…the cycle repeating itself, again and again. That’s how I want her to grow older.

FB 135-8

Kyoko-san did her best, and Tohru’s in good hands now.

Kyoko’s in good hands, too.

FB 135-9

You did your best.

Next time: The last chapter…

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