Yuki continues to be the main focus, but we still get more hints about other characters and plot developments as the Beach Arc gets under way.

FB 54-1

Tohru and Kyo are adorable.  Tohru and Momiji are adorable. Tohru and Yuki are still a bit awkward as a pair, but Yuki does well with Haru at any rate.

We’ve gotten various glimpses into Yuki’s childhood thus far, and it’s very clear that Akito was a major part of it.

FB 54-2

Akito: Don’t get the wrong idea. Listen to me. This world is made of darkness, and your entire life, you’ll live here, in the dark. You have no possibilities or hope. You will live your life on this dark path. Don’t get the wrong idea and think, “I’ll be saved someday.”

Wow, how does a kid even get a worldview that dark? (Believe it or not, we’ll actually get an answer to that question…)

Haru: Are you dizzy from the glare? Or maybe dizzy from your feelings?

Yes, Haru, I’m dizzy from feelings.

FB 54-3

So Momiji sent out invitations to literally all the other members of the Zodiac that Tohru has met (except Akito, because he actually wants to have fun and stuff), but the rest might just show up anyway.  Hiro spotted Rin snooping around while he was discussing the invitation with Kisa, and…well, this happens with Shigure.

FB 54-4

Akito: Summer resort…hah! Idiots and ugly people making merry is all it is. What an annoyance. They’re getting cocky…they misunderstand the situation. I think I’d better teach them a lesson…What? What are you smirking about? Is there a problem? Are you scheming against me?

Shigure: Scheming? I would never harbor such thoughts. In fact, why don’t you go to the vacation home too, Akito-san? If you want to teach them a lesson.

And this was the point at which I realized that Shigure was kind of a villain.  Because he is totally scheming (although not necessarily against Akito at the moment), and he’s going to ruin all the kids’ fun! Stop being such a spoilsport!  I don’t want the plot to intrude!

FB 54-5

On a lighter note, Kyo and Yuki’s mutual hatred seems to have died down a lot, but Kyo still drops everything at a chance to compete against (and hopefully beat) Yuki.  Just keep in mind why Kyo said he wants to beat Yuki so badly: To become a member of the Zodiac.

FB 54-6

Yuki: There’s something I want to say. When the time comes, I think I should tell you. That’s wrong. Now, I don’t think that it’s only darkness. It’s not the wrong idea. Right now, I have faith in that, so when it’s the right time, if you’ll listen, I’d be very happy. I have to open…the lid…

He’s just starting to overcome these ideas that have held him captive since childhood, starting to see the possibility of hope for himself.  He still can’t verbalize it to anyone, but just telling Tohru that he needs to talk about something is a good first step.  Also, on a totally unrelated note, Yuki looks an awful lot like Ayame in this shot.

But that little phrase that’s been haunting Yuki’s thoughts (“open the lid”) has a curious impact on Tohru, making her think of her mother for some reason…

…until next time.

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