FB 19-1

Momiji and Haru are making their high school debut, and thus join the ranks of the regular cast, much to the chagrin of both Yuki and Kyo.

Kyo: Ugh – why do I have to see those guys at school, too?

Tohru: Maybe it’ll feel different seeing them here! It might even be fun!

And Kyo relents.

Arisa: It’s getting harder and harder for him to refuse her.

Saki: Interesting…

FB 19-2

And then he promptly scares off a couple of first year boys…and then he talks himself into a corner and it is adorable.   This whole chapter is packed full of full funny and adorable moments (until it’s not), just by dint of all the characters being together under one roof.

FB 19-3

Also there’s the student council president to reckon with, as he’s not exactly predisposed to like the Sohmas with “unnatural” natural hair colors.  Or the fact that Momiji is wearing the girl’s uniform.

Makoto: And what are you supposed to be!? Don’t tell me that’s your natural attire, Momiji Sohma-kun!? Don’t you have any pride as a man!? At this rate, your life will be heading down the highway to failure!

Momiji: But…but this one looks better on me…

He yells at Haru and Haru is completely unfazed.  He starts making Momiji cry, and Black Haru appears.  Black Haru can be surprisingly persuasive when he wants to be.

Haru: Hey, girl. What do you think? Take Momiji – wouldn’t you say he looks fine in that outfit? He’ll grow out of it either way. He can switch to the boys’ uniform then, right? Can you imagine how handsome he’ll be? Something to look forward to.

Makoto: Don’t be brainwashed! […]

Haru: Okay, what would you do if Yuki wore the girls’ uniform!?

FB 19-4

Makoto: Divine…

Yuki: Stop imagining it!

It’s all intensely amusing seeing Momiji so nonplussed (even bored) by Black Haru’s antics.  Evidently he knows he’s got nothing to fear.

Haru: I’m tired for some reason…

Kyo: Is that right? You’re tired, huh?

Then Tohru heads back to class while Momiji holds up Yuki and Kyo.

He’s here. At school.

FB 19-5


FB 19-6

Until next time…

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