Life has been changing for me in the past few weeks (mostly for the better), and now that I’m a little busier, I’ll only be doing one post a week, on Wednesdays.  What will I be posting about in 2017? What is this mysterious new project? Well, it’s not terribly different from the last (it’ll be basically the same format), but the subject matter may be new to some of you.

Without further ado, my upcoming 2017 projects:

Let’s Watch Princess Tutu

Just about anyone who knows me has probably guessed this one already.  I only discovered this maybe four years ago, but I fell madly in love with this unassuming little anime about ballet and fairy tales.  More on this next week.

Let’s Read Fruits Basket

Yes, that’s Read, not Watch, as I’ll be going through the manga and there’s really no need to discuss the anime at length when you read the original manga by Natsuki Takaya. This will definitely be the longer of the two, as 130+ chapters will take me over a year even if I post twice a week.

I didn’t initially plan it this way, but my three projects turned out to be thematically attuned to Faith, Hope, and Love respectively (there is some overlap, of course, but those are the main themes of each).  Also, I adore all three.

On a technical note, I am upgrading my blog!  This is mainly so that I can (hopefully) make enough money to at least support my writing habit, but I might also fiddle with the site’s formatting a bit.

Opening post for Tutu goes up next Wednesday!

Until next time…

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