Furuba Couples Ranking (+NEW ANIME!)

I’ve been meaning to do this ever since I finished my Fruits Basket series, but between my new job and the death by coffee of my laptop, it was all I could do to keep up with LOTR.  But I finally got the impetus to do this, because THEY’RE FINALLY REMAKING FRUITS BASKET! Read more


2017 Year in Review

Since I’m not starting a new series this year, I figured I’d celebrate the new year with a list!  This is not a “best of 2017” list – it’s just a list of some stories I’ve encountered this year (mostly from 2016-17, but not all) that made an impression on me which I believe merit some more attention.   Read more

My Top 5 Princess Tutu Episodes

So I was recently rewatching Princess Tutu (again), and I finally came up with five episodes I’m content to declare as favorites (which is way harder than it was with Fruits Basket due to the far more consistent quality). These aren’t necessarily the “best” (they’re not even always the ones I most enjoy, as that often fluctuates with my mood), but I certainly enjoy them a lot every time I watch them. Read more

My Favorite Fruits Basket episodes

So I haven’t been writing as much as I should be lately, so I figured I’d just write something completely for fun to get me back in the swing if things!  Having recently been compelled to revisit the Fruits Basket anime (and I’ve been considering having another go at the manga, although I don’t really intend to do so until I’ve finished my Narnia series), but I figured I’d just write down what I’ve idly pondered before – that is, my favorite episodes of Fruits Basket, my first anime.  It might not be terribly interesting unless as a small window into my psyche (these are, after all, merely personal favorites and not necessarily ‘the best’), especially if you haven’t seen the anime, but oh well.  Also, possible spoilers ahead (although I’ll do my level best to avoid any manga spoilers..) Read more

Princess Tutu is Exactly As Girly As It Sounds (And That’s Not A Bad Thing)


Full disclosure: I’ve never been much of a “girly girl”.  For a long time I steered clear of pink, I never gave much thought to my clothing even in high school, I still don’t put on makeup except on special occasions, and I’ve never gotten my ears pierced.  So when I discovered this amazing anime called Princess Tutu a couple years ago, I was initially compelled to introduce the show as “Princess Tutu *but it’s actually way awesomer than it sounds*” (read: it’s really not that girly…except it kinda is, but please believe me, it’s still amazing, I’M NOT INSANE).  Read more