Chapter 64: Changed

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It’s been a precious time. It is for me, and for everyone else too, I think. For Yuki-kun, and Kyo-kun too. Something about Yuki-kun has changed since coming here. Something about Kyo-kun too. I’m sure it’s a very good thing. What about me…? Read more


Chapter 63: A Tiny Flower

When did I start feeling like my name had a special ring to it whenever you called out to me? When did I start doing dumb stuff over and over again as long as I knew it would make you smile? When did I start loving you so much that I couldn’t stand it?

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Chapter 61: Wild Horses

This chapter is positively brimming with subtle character interactions and not-so-subtle plot developments – about as narrative-driven as one could wish for from this series.

So Yuki is starting to take a more active role in the Sohma family intrigues, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s not because his fears are any less, but that he’s finally found something to fight for.  When he overhears Shigure insinuate that Akito (with Kureno) is heading out to meet Tohru, he decides to tail them.

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