I love a good body swap. It’s like demonic possession with the ones you love!

The three of them aren’t seeing eye to eye today.

Eda: Luz!

Luz: Did I spell something wrong, or did I spell something right?

Eda: Stop that. You may be forgetting something, Luz. I’m kind of ON THE RUN, remember? Every guard in town would be at my doorstep if I had my name in lights.

Luz: Well, I don’t see anyone right now. Maybe you’re just being paranoid. You’re a powerful witch! Why hide when you can poof all your problems away with magic?

Obviously, Eda has the most complicated life; she just makes it look easy. King is frustrated because he doesn’t get the respect he wants (and the others act like his life is a joke). Luz is just dealing with teen drama.

Eda: Well, there’s only one thing to do when friends don’t see eye to eye.

Luz: Hug each other til we pass out?

King: Fight to the death!

Eda: Pft, no. Body swap!

Eda!King: Alright, here’s the deal. Whoever can prove that their body has the easiest life gets out of housecleaning duty.

I love the subtle (and not-so-subtle) visual cues that distinguish who’s in which body (aside from body language). They’re clearly only visible to the audience, however, as other characters treat them more or less the same as always.

King!Luz: Life as a teen is a tyrant’s dream! By the end of the day, I’ll be ruling over your feeble demographic!

Luz!Eda: Well I’ve got magic. Eda, don’t be too mad when your inventory’s gone and the guards are none the wiser.

Eda!King: If you need me, I’ll be getting pampered in a vacation fit for a king!

The episode is divided into sections like this for each of the characters as they discover the hardships of one another’s lives. This first segment is the only case where I feel like King might actually get into (or perhaps have gotten into before) such a scenario; all the other characters are so radically different from the regular owners of their bodies, they get into fairly unique conundrums.

Roselle: Welcome to our Kitty Cafe! This is our little safe haven for cherubs like you.

Eda!King: What hot mess is going on here?

Roselle: You see, precious cargo like you should be taken care of. All you should have to worry about is how many belly rubs you want, or how many tasty num-nums you’re gonna eat!

Eda!King: Well, my creep alarm is ringing, but I can’t argue with num-nums.

A cat-like critter warns her, too, but even with the creep alarm, Eda’s determined to enjoy having her every whim catered to.

Until she discovers this horror show.

Bowtie: Don’t bother. Their minds are tragically gone. They’ve been coddled so long, they forgot how to live on their own, their brains turned to mush.

Eda!King: Geez, I thought I’d like being babied. But I feel so small and helpless…like some sort of baby! But that won’t happen to us, right?

Eda!King: I’ve failed you, Bowtie, my closest ally.

Bowtie: Meow. Meow.

She tries to escape, but alas, she is still cursed with small legs.

Roselle: Wonderful! Now everyone can see our bestest baby – forever.

Meanwhile, King has big plans.

King!Luz: I’ll show Luz how to rule over these doofuses!

King!Luz: Hey! Impressionable youths! Under my command, you could learn how to do some real damage! All hail your new teen king!

Teen: I didn’t like her telling me what to do before, but now I love it!

He manages to lead a gang of teens in mostly harmless pranks, but eventually Boscha (Amity’s pink-haired goon) reclaims her throne and sics them after “Luz”.

King!Luz: Luz was right! I can’t handle the complexities of teenage life!

He eventually attempts to take refuge in the Kitty Cafe…but they have a strict “no teens” policy, despite teens being a prime market for cute critters that they don’t have to take care of.

King!Luz: I just want my body back!

Eda!King: You can have it. Your life is pretty terrible. But hey! It’ll probably be over soon.

Luz!Eda: How does Eda wear these all day?

Aside from the heels (which, yeah, they can take some getting used to, even without a new body to work with), Luz’s main issue is moderation. Just because she can do magic now doesn’t mean she should.

Especially magic like this. Though I totally understand the impulse for Luz, who struggles with the simplest spells.

Luz!Eda: I made magic with my hands!

But there’s no way to alert law enforcement of one’s presence like a literal FLASHING NEON SIGN. And Luz isn’t quite used to the amount of power Eda has at her disposal, so she doesn’t think to use magic to escape.

And, naturally, this is the point at which Lilith shows up again.

Lilith: Join the Emperor’s Coven, like we dreamed about when we were girls!

Luz!Eda: Eda wanted to be in the Emperor’s Coven?

Lilith: Don’t be afraid, sister. Soon you won’t be a danger to those around you.

Lilith isn’t concerned about how Eda feels now, and this feels more like she wants to fix their relationship by giving her what she wanted as a child, when she clearly doesn’t want it anymore. Why Eda changed her mind is a matter for another episode.

Luz!Eda: Eda’s life is more complicated than I thought.

Eda!King: Alright, did everyone learn a valuable lesson about experiencing each other’s hardships?

Both: Yep!

Eda!King: Good. Let’s end this nightmare.

But they still have to deal with the aftermath of the shenanigans each of them got up to (AKA a whole lot of people chasing them).

Lilith: Sister! Time and again I’ve offered you my help, yet you foolishly run back to your worthless life! I’m tired of trying, Edalyn. Your days of running are over!

Eda: Thanks, Luz.

Luz: Sorry…

Eda: Don’t worry, I got this. Body swap!

Well, that’s one way to get a mob off your back.

Luz: Eda, I just want to say, that things can be more complicated than you think. But with you guys, it all feels a little less mixed up.

Eda: Aw, that’s sweet, kid. Now let’s never speak of this again.

This is an ideal filler episode (well, we actually get a little forward motion with Eda’s plotline, but it’s still mostly acting as filler). We get to see the central characters in different environments than usual, resulting in some minor character development, but nothing heavy.

Until next time…


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