This is a largely utilitarian episode, setting up the season’s final arc.  But at least Greg gets a moment to shine.

SU 46-1

Steven: Woah, hold the phone. Now give the phone to me. Lapis was not mean! She was just trying to get home.

Steven, you’re real sweet, but I highly doubt Lapis Lazuli cares much about what the earthlings think of her.  But it serves as a convenient reminder of the events of the last plot arc…and it is fun to see Greg follow through on his inspiration and actually try to make an album.

Greg: When you’re a one man band, you gotta know how to do it all. Lyrics, graphic design, forum moderation…but for me, it was all about the audio.

SU 46-3

Then the wailing stone starts screeching, a thing which the Crystal Gems once used to communicate (particularly during the rebellion against Homeworld).

Pearl: We’ve rounded up all the wailing stones on Earth, and we’re not sending this signal to ourselves, unless…Amethyst, is this a prank?

Amethyst: No way! I want it to stop. I don’t like it!

Garnet: If it’s not coming from Earth, then a Gem must be sending this message from space.

Steven: Is that what some Gems sound like?

Pearl: No, no, we should be hearing a voice. Maybe this signal is too advanced for the wailing stone to process – that would explain the distorted audio…

Steven: Audio? My Daddy-o knows audio!

SU 46-4

So Greg is able to help the Gems on his own turf, as it were…or at least he tries.  Until the volume blows out the van’s battery.

Pearl: I had a feeling this wouldn’t work. There’s just no way Greg’s equipment can interface with our ancient Gem technology.

Steven: Aw, c’mon Pearl, you can’t be ready to give up yet!

Greg: We’ve just gotta keep trying. Sure, we don’t have the latest and greatest Gem-tech, but…

Garnet: It’s okay, Greg. You tried.

But Greg isn’t ready to give up for a simple “Congrats, you tried!” and sings a whole song about it (because that’s just how he rolls).

SU 46-5

I could have tamed you
I could have shown
That I could depose you from your loud throne
But in the end
I wasn’t good enough
I just showed the Gems that I ain’t got the stuff

Oh wailing stone!
I tried so hard to fly but I was thrown
Oh wailing stone!
I gotta tell the Gems cause they should know
Have a little, have a little, have a little faith in me!
I just wanted to help
You know I have a little, have a little, have a little expertise

As cute as Steven’s ditties are, I generally prefer Greg’s more polished sound and structure.

Steven: Dad, I hate seeing you like this. There’s gotta be something else we can try!

Greg: I don’t know, Steven. Sound and stuff like this – this stuff’s my whole world, and if I can’t figure it out, then maybe it isn’t even sound.

Steven: But if it isn’t sound, what else could it be? Hmm…wait! What! Dad! […]

Greg: Oh my days it’s video.

Because apparently Gem-tech finally made the jump from radio to television in the intervening millennia.

SU 46-8

Greg: I know my audio equipment seems like a pile of Earth-junk to you all, but-

Garnet: Greg. It’s okay.

Greg: No it’s not! You guys don’t give up on anything – except for me. Come on! It’s not like I can make it any worse.

He’s not trying to win their approval, just a little respect for his own talents – which is pretty understandable considering that these people are also kinda co-parenting his kid.

SU 46-6

And of course it’s Lapis.

Lapis Lazuli: Steven! I hope you’re able to hear this. There’s a Gem that’s looking for you – she even knew your name. I don’t know how – I didn’t tell her, I swear! She’s on her way to Earth, and she’s not alone! Steven, Homeworld, it’s not the way it used to be. Everything here is so advanced, I can’t even understand it. There’s no way anything on Earth can stand up to it! Please, don’t put up a fight – it’ll only lead to devastation!

SU 46-7

Before they can start to seriously unpack Lapis’ warning, Garnet stops to acknowledge Greg’s efforts.

Garnet: We got the message.

Pearl: But-

Garnet: It’s got. Thank you, Greg. We would not have received this message without your help.

Until next time…

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