There are two very small stories at play here – one with the “adults” and one with the “children”. Shigure contrives to herd Tohru, Yuki, Kyo, and Hatori out on a vacation for Golden Week, which is a series of four Japanese national holidays during the end of April to the beginning of May.

Tohru: Something strange is going on with Yuki-kun and Kyo-kun. It started last night, after we got back from visiting Mom’s grave. Both of them were totally quiet, like they were depressed about something.

It’s pretty clear what’s bothering Yuki: He’s trying to get up the nerve to talk to Tohru about the Hat Incident.  We don’t get any further hints about what’s eating Kyo, although it’s obviously what’s been on his mind for the past few chapters.

FB 25-1

Shigure has ulterior motives for the sudden vacation, because he has ulterior motives for practically everything he does.

Hatori: Could it be…you’re torturing your editor again?

Shigure: It’s not “torture”. I’m just having fun at her expense.

That’s not his only motive, as Hatori eventually realizes.  To be fair, this time it’s actually a noble cause.

Hatori: Maybe he’s been worried about me in his own way ever since Kana’s wedding. Come to think of it, Ayame also visited me recently…

FB 25-2

Meanwhile, our main trio (love triangle?) is in a bit of a fix.

Kyo: Just goes to show a spoiled rich kid who’s shut up in his room all the time is useless!

Yuki: Better that than going off to train in the mountains only to come back as hopeless as before!

They really know how to push each other’s buttons, don’t they?

And then, strangely enough, Tohru starts laughing.

Tohru: I’m sorry. It’s rude of me to laugh when you’re fighting. But for some reason, I’m relieved. It’s like you two are back to your old selves. Thinking that made me feel so relieved, I couldn’t help but laugh. Strange, isn’t it? (internally) Usually I can’t do anything but watch and worry when they fight, but today it puts me at ease.

FB 25-3

Yuki: Honda-san, before we fell, you said something…you know, I’m not angry at you or anything. If it looked like I was, that was…I just wasn’t feeling well. But I’m okay now. I’m sorry for making you worry about me.

Kyo asserts that he was feeling just the same.  And then they start fighting again.

FB 25-4

Tohru: The important thing is that they’re full of spirit. Even though it’s strange to think of them fighting as a good thing. I’m so happy to see them like this.

Some people just can’t see eye to eye, or at least not without putting in a lot of effort (which is a bit much to expect from Yuki and Kyo at this point).

Next time:  The adults’ story…

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